What Would You Do When Disaster Strikes? Thanks for Taking the Time to Be Prepared by Michael Cantor

Emergencies. Natural disasters. These are situations that we don't think will happen to us.

Until it does.

When an emergency strikes, what is the first thing that you should do? How do you get yourself and your family to safety? What can you do to help your community?

When an emergency and natural disaster does strike, having a plan and knowing what to do often can save your property and more importantly you and your family's lives. Emergency preparedness brings you peace of mind knowing that in the event of a disaster, you are able to utilize the best practices that emergency responders have developed for years. Think of it as a form of insurance that will come in handy should you be in an area where these disasters may occur.

Michael Cantor's Thanks for Taking the Time to Be Prepared: A Handbook for Emergency Preparedness Tips is a book that contains simple and easy to understand emergency preparedness tips that can be used for disasters - earthquakes, floods, fires, snowstorms, and hurricanes.

Thanks for Taking the Time to Be Prepared contains detailed information on putting together an emergency kit, how to access and receive emergency notifications, putting together an emergency plan, and what to do before during, and after an emergency.

The truth is, there is no one size fits all when it comes to emergency preparedness. However, the more informed and prepared you are, the better you will be able to help yourself and others during a disaster. This useful handbook provides the basics and best practices in getting yourself ready and becoming your own “emergency manager.” It gives you a good start in designing your own emergency plan and a jump off point for seeking out more knowledge on the subject.

Being prepared is a year-round activity. This life-saving handbook enables you to take charge of your own preparedness so you can effectively navigate stressful situations such as emergencies and disasters.

Michael Cantor dedicated over twenty-three years to public service, assigned to a wide range of responsibilities in city government with an emphasis on emergency management. In 2015, he retired from the City of San Juan Capistrano as the safety and emergency services manager. Based on his experience in this field, he thought a book about what to be aware of and how to be better prepared to take care of yourself and your immediate family or household in the event of an emergency or disaster would be a valuable teaching tool.