What Is Change For You?

In business, success and failure are both common occurrences. Sometimes, it is one or the other. Sometimes, it is more complicated than that. Failure can immediately follow an achievement. But, we also hear about teams bouncing back from failure and turning a bad situation into an epic success story. What makes the difference?

Selling Change: How Successful Leaders Use Impact, Influence, and Consistency to Transform Their Organizations by Robert E. Smith, Ph.D., zeroes in on what makes the difference between success and failure in terms of transforming a team. It takes a look at how leaders can transform the future of the business by creating a change from the inside, inspiring each individual on the team to commit to the change.

Why change? Why now? Why you? Why your change?

Selling Change introduces the 2IsC model, Impact, Influence, and Consistency, and how it has transformed the most successful organizations of our times. In this book, Smith guides leaders on the science behind what makes workers want to commit to change and transformation that makes a positive impact in their work environment as well as the team’s overall success. It provides them with the tools that they need to counter change resistance. It gives leaders a clear and practical roadmap from knowing that the transformation is essential to getting their team to buy-in on the change as well. The 2IsC spells the difference between reluctant followers to enthusiastic catalysts of change. This is a method that has been proven to work across numerous industries and is repeatable and measurable for your own team.

The author, Robert E. Smith, Ph.D. has been in the business of designing and leading change and transformation for many successful organizations. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, global private organizations, non-profits, and U.S. federal government agencies. Through his book, Selling Change, he provides a clear and scientific approach to transforming your team and your organization’s future.

"Successfully driving change is one of the most critical, yet least-understood, concepts for leaders. Selling Change combines an academic primer with new, cutting-edge research to provide practical insights and concrete steps for those tasked with moving organizations to the future."
—Rick Clevette, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Mortenson Construction, Inc.
"Selling Change is not the typical change management book dedicated to packaging past ideas with new flair. Instead, it admits the shortcoming of prior models in today's volatile and ever changing business environment. Selling Change finds the best of the past and builds on it while providing practical new approaches backed by research and cross-industry best practices. With the tools this provides you really can put a price on the value of change management. This is a must read for change practitioners and leaders of change programs alike."
—Scott Smith, Senior Director, Talent Management and Organization Development, PepsiCo

"I recommend Selling Change to any leader looking for a fresh perspective on leading change and practical tips in how to make change a reality in their workplace."
—LaTranda Martin, Organization Design and Change Management Director, The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.

Robert E. Smith, Ph.D., has over 15 years of experience designing and leading organizational change and transformation initiatives at a range of organizations including Fortune 500 companies, global private organizations, non-profits, and U.S. federal government agencies. He is the founder of The Change Shop, an integrated change management platform that helps leaders put change in the bag by building high-performing organizations through a suite of web-based change management solutions, leadership assessment tools, and change simulations. Smith was previously a Talent and Organization Practice Strategy Manager at Accenture, the worlds largest management consultancy, where he led talent/human capital-focused projects and built internal workforce analytics capabilities. He has consulted non-profit boards and held leadership positions at several multinational companies focused on human capital technology solutions and talent advisory services. Smith has published articles on best talent practices during outsourcing and technology implementations and presented his work at companies in London, Nairobi, and Singapore, the State of Ohio as well as universities including American University, Strathmore University, his alma mater University of Minnesota. He is a member and contributing advisor and panelist at SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) and SIOP (Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology). Robert lives with his wife and two sons just outside of Washington D.C. in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. Learn more at www.TheChangeShop.com