Book Buzz: We All Have a Superpower by Kristina Elliot

What's your superpower?

Each of us has a superpower, something good that we can give to the people around us. For some, it is making people laugh. Others, it is comforting someone in need. Whatever that superpower is, when combined with your uniqueness, is something only you can bring to the world.

Children who grow up knowing their superpower become fulfilled adults who are confident in themselves and are helpful to others. Unfortunately, not all children know what their superpower is or that they have one.

Kristina Elliot's We All Have a Superpower is a delightful book that carries an uplifting message to every young child. We All Have a Superpower addresses the insecurities that many young people have today. From a very young age, they are exposed to negative messages from the media that may be damaging to their perception of themselves. The impossible expectations that they are subjected to from different sources often leave young ones unsure of themselves, lacking a purpose, and having very little confidence in what they have to offer. We All Have a Superpower reminds youngsters of how unique and special they truly are.

With endearing illustrations and uplifting words, We All Have a Superpower shares the message that no matter how insignificant or misunderstood they feel, they are put in this world for a significant reason. Every child has a unique ability that they can use to uplift someone else and even make the world a better place.

We All Have a Superpower is a book that parents and educators can read to or with children to instill the values of seeing the good in themselves and in others. It is a fun and thoughtful book with a beautiful message to youngsters who might someday become happy, helpful, and self-assured adults.  

We All Have a Superpower by Kristina Elliot

32 Pages

ISBN 978-1728321448

This is Kristina Elliot's first venture into the genre of children's books. Despite a successful career as an advertising copywriter, Ms. Elliot often felt there was a calling she was ignoring without really knowing what it was. Born of her own belief that we all have a passion waiting for us to find in order to be happy and fully engaged in life, the author draws on her own experience as a parent whose children both found what they loved and became happier, more fulfilled adults.

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