Love, Rebellion, Heartache, Life, and Passion. What do these five words mean to you?

Her Crowning Frenzy: A Collection of Poetic Stories by Robin Chappell

Her Crowning Frenzy is a collection of poetic stories that navigate the matters of love, rebellion, heartache, life, and passions in heartfelt and beautifully told poetic stories. Since the meanings of these five words constantly evolves from one person to another, and in each stage of life, the author, Robin Chappell, shares what it means to an eccentric millennial poet. Her unique lens renders a distinctive way of looking at the world and what it means to be in it. Each contains five poetic stories that capture these aspects of life.

These poetic stories reflect the views of one woman in this generation when it comes to love and life. It can also reflect the point of view of her generation, depending on how one looks at it. The beauty of this book and poetry is that it can be an individual or a shared experience. The stories that Robin is sharing in this book is meant for personal reflection as well as to spark thoughtful conversations.

Each poem is lifted from the author’s real-life experiences. The author, having lived a very intricate life even at a young age, artfully expresses her feelings and points of view within these pages. These poems are filled with dramatic controversy, philosophy, and dreams untold. They can either intrigue you or comfort you. One thing is for sure, they will speak to you.

Her Crowning Frenzy: A Collection of Poetic Stories takes the readers through real raw emotions, reflection, and thoughtful musings. Each feeling is frozen in time through the pages so that it may be enjoyed over and over.

A freshly published thirty-year-old author, Robin Chappell was born in Fort Belvoir, VA and raised as what they call a military brat. Her father, Robert, served in the U.S. Army for twenty years, providing her and her little brother, Robert Jr. with the opportunity of traveling to many interesting destinations around the world and contributing to her cultural background. Her mother motivated her love for reading books and writing at the early age of three. Robin began writing poetry and winning competitions in school at the tender age of thirteen. At the age of nineteen, she followed her father's footsteps and enlisted into the Army National Guard. Once enlisted, Robin was sexually assaulted by a fellow soldier. After reporting the incident and receiving no help or support from the military or her colleagues, she underwent many life-changing issues and coping skills for eight years, nearly leading her down a darker path. Robin served her country for seven years and deployed to Tikrit, Iraq in 2010 serving under Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Since completing her military career three years ago, Robin's healing, and becoming stronger than ever. Robin has a one-year-old daughter named Harmony. She hosts a vlog and writes a blog called The Vizzion, and is the founder and coordinator of a non-profit organization in her community called Harmonious Grace, Inc., which focuses on reading illiteracy and providing counseling to women and men that have undergone sexual trauma while assisting with their case.