I Kept My Promise by Ozzy Vera

Can you help me with my hair?

This question is one that hair stylists and salon owners have encountered for countless of times in their career. However, when this question is asked by someone living with cancer, it becomes more than just a question of what haircut to do, or which color to apply. It becomes a request to help someone regain control of a big part of their identity. It becomes a request to uplift someone in what possibly is one of the lowest points in their life.

I Kept My Promise gives the readers a glimpse into the fascinating life of Ozzy Vera, a master stylist, entrepreneur, beauty advocates, and now book author. The book tells a story of how a murder, a question, and an accusation has changed his life. More importantly, it talks about supporting women and individuals living with cancer in an aspect of their experience that can sometimes be overlooked. Nonetheless, the impact that helping someone with a very important aspect of who they are, such as their hair, in the most trying time of their life cannot be neglected.

For an individual who is living with a disease, there is a lot of things that can feel out of control. For most, it is a touchy subject that even the closest family members and caregivers may not be prepared to tackle. This book is written to guide salons and stylists in approaching this delicate subject. It is also a helpful aid to family, friends, and caregivers in understanding this often overlooked but significant aspect of living with cancer.

I Kept My Promise is an intriguing, informative, and touching book that answers a lot of questions about an important and often skirted-around subject. It is told with a lot of heart and never short of useful insights for professionals and caregivers alike.

OZZY VERA a native of Newark, New Jersey of Puerto Rican descent with a 25 plus year history in the beauty industry, salon owner, master wig designer, entrepreneur, international lecturer and finally an author. Nothing had prepared him many years ago prior when his late aunt asked him the most profound question that still follows him till this day CAN YOU HELP ME WITH MY HAIR? She was living with cancer, beginning chemotherapy and losing her hair. Forgotten entirely until years later upon opening his own salon the question rose again through a totally unexpected person with total hair loss. Not only did OZZY master answering her question but has been able to answer every imaginable question that entails losing your hair while living with cancer! Finally, OZZYS PROMISE has been FULFILLED!