Book Buzz: Wolf Creek by William and Patrick Pardue

Inspired by his own true story, William J. Pardue, with his son, Patrick J. Pardue, writes a story about the strength of the human spirit in the face of cruelty and the healing power of friendship in their book, Wolf Creek.

This story is lifted from William Pardue's experience as a wilderness camping counselor working with disenfranchised youth. This experience has shaped his life and has given him a new outlook on the world.

The story is set in 1971 with Charlie Rogers, a young man who had just graduated from the University of Texas. Fresh off of university, he sets out on an adventure, hitching a ride and ending up with his first escapade as a counselor for a group of adolescents from the south side of Chicago. These boys came from the part of town where children often grow up without anyone looking out for them. The system and their own families overlook them.

Having grown up in an environment of violence and inhumanity, these young men often grow up with wounded hearts, and it shows in their actions. Now, it is up to Charlie and the other counselors to help the boys reform their hearts and rebuild their futures.

Wolf Creek contains a multitude of stories. It introduces the readers to characters that reflect many from impoverished communities that society has seemingly discarded. It provides some understanding into why young boys who would have otherwise grown up to be successful people end up committing or being the victim of crimes. The book also lets the readers into the challenges of people who are selflessly devoting their time to helping others, even in less than ideal situations. Wolf Creek is a story of how boys who grew up having to look after themselves become members of a big family solely.

I did not know what to expect when I started this book. I was rewarded with a great read about a young man who learned to cope with and love the boys from the back streets of Chicago.
Lorna Griess, Amazon Reader's Review

Wolf Creek by William and Patrick Pardue

306 Pages

ISBN 9781452520193

WILLIAM J. PARDUE; WOLF CREEK IS THE TRUE STORY OF WILLIAM PARDUE'S EXPERIENCE AS A WILDERNESS CAMPING COUNSELOR IN 1971. He was recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Zoology. His experience during this year of wilderness camping shaped his entire future. He is now 67 years old and has with the help of his son written a novel about his experiences with these boys. He is currently an attorney in Northern California and has had previous careers as a Social Worker and a building contractor. He has written two other books, Why God and Visionary Perspectives Reincarnated. PATRICK J. PARDUE Patrick Pardue is an aspiring writer with dreams to open minds and change hearts for the better with his work in non-fiction and philosophy - to have a positive impact on the turbulent, rapidly changing world which humans face in the 21st century.