Book Buzz: Whispers by Kathleen Bush


A life and faith journey that spanned continents is Kathleen Bush's Whispers: Follow One Girl's Journey with Christ from Wilderness to Wholeness.

Bush was born in South Africa to a nervous English mother and a father, still trying to escape the memories of war by chasing the bottom of the bottle. Even so, they loved her in their own ways. Growing up in the dauntless continent of Africa, she had an ordinary childhood yet still so full of wonder and adventure. The most important adventure of all is the journey that led her to God.

In Whispers, Bush writes that growing up, she was not raised with any belief in a deity or religion. Yet growing up, she always had an inkling that there is a higher power beyond her that she wants to understand. Her faith is a journey that she took by herself.

From a girl without a connection to religion, Bush becomes an ordained minister, serving God through her community. She has worked in the British Prison Service, an experience that tested and shaped her faith further. Today she serves in the Anglican Church of Canada.

Her journey to her faith, although fruitful, was not an easy one. There were a lot of obstacles as her journey unfolded. But, God had never sent her a challenge that He can't carry her through. She writes Whispers as a testimony and a message of encouragement to those, like her, who are on a journey of discovering themselves and God's faithfulness.

Her life is proof that even though the journey has an unlikely beginning and exhausting moments along the way, God is there to provide whether it is his blessings, comfort, or lessons. As Bush beautifully writes, I hope to encourage others to persevere and never give up, no matter what circumstances you face. If we seek, we shall find; if we ask, we shall be given; if we knock, the door will be opened. I had to travel a long way to learn this for myself. God doesn't promise us an easy ride, for we learn through suffering and find our strength and courage increases.

“It is not often that I begin to read a book and do not want to 'take a break' before finishing it! This book, Whispers kept my attention from beginning to ending.”
―Garth MacKay, Amazon Reader's Review

Whispers by Kathleen Bush

156 Pages

ISBN 9781643613116

This is the author's first book, a frank and honest account as she unfolds her life journey towards a faith in God that leads her to become ordained as a minister. Her life begins without any prior knowledge of the Divine, and her career starts in aviation. Her journey is not without pain and adversity, but she perseveres in the hope of finding God, and she is not disappointed. Part of her travels brings her to work within the British Prison Service, where her courage, strength, and integrity are honed and tested. Today, she is a Parish Rector with the Anglican Church of Canada, having been first ordained into the Church of England in 1993. Her abiding interest in science and psychology led her to attain her Bachelor's, followed by a Master's degree in Science, majoring in Psychology. She lives with her husband in Canada, enjoying any excuse to travel the world where ever her family awaits to be visited.