Book Buzz: Upward Momentum: The View from the Top Everyone Should Know by Francis Herras

A lot of people mistake humility for weakness or failure. Perhaps this is because many successful people flaunt their riches and possessions for all the world to see. It is important for some people to broadcast whatever success they have attained so they can thrive off of attention. When the attention goes away, they often feel empty and devoid of purpose other than acquiring more possessions.

Humility is not weakness. In the Bible, we learn that humility is actually the winning stand in life. In Upward Momentum: The View from the Top Everyone Should Know, author, counselor, coach, mentor, trainer, and speaker Francis Herras explores humility as the key to achieving fulfillment in life.

This book is divided into three sections. The first section identifies the problem of pride that hinders us from walking in our purpose, especially in leadership. The second section describes how humility can transform and attract success in our personal, professional, and spiritual life. Lastly, the third chapter assures us of the benefits of leading a life of humility. It shows us what happens when we let go of our own plans for His plans and get to know the greatness that He has in store for us versus our myopic idea of success.

Upward Momentum is an interactive book. At the end of each chapter, the readers will go through an Upward Momentum action steps exercise that will springboard their momentum of growth. Throughout the book, the readers will discover a way to a life that honors God, uncover the key to happiness, and realize their God-given ability to produce wealth and achieve success.

This book is for believers who are ready and willing for the next level of God's plan in their life. This is for those who are tired of hollow success and are open to the transformative power of humility.

Upward Momentum: The View from the Top Everyone Should Know by Francis Herras

256 Pages

ISBN 9781973637837

Francis P. Herras is married to Evelyn for 28 years with four children. He and his family live in the City of Chestermere Lake in Alberta, Canada. Francis is a seasoned professional with over 36 years of work experience, with 15 years of management and leadership experience, including a high-level position, with extensive experience in pastoral ministry and healthcare chaplaincy. Francis is a Certified Elder Planning Counselor (CEIPS), a Certified Temperament Counselor (NCCA), holds a Bachelor of Theology and double Master’s degree in Pastoral Ministry and Missions, and is now working on his doctoral degree in Clinical Christian Counseling. Francis is the Founder of Forward Momentum Care Services and the author of two books: Forward Momentum the Art of Winning in Life and Upward Momentum the View from the Top Everyone Should Know. Francis has a strong work ethic and is highly motivated, possessing strategic, analytical, and innovative thinking skills. He is a visionary. Francis consistently provides effective program and service delivery and responsible leadership of resources alignment with the organization’s priorities, values, and mission. Francis is a counselor, coach, mentor, trainer, and speaker. His passion is to educate people from various walks of life, providing holistic care services through Christ-centered coaching, counseling, chaplaincy, and consultancy to help them move forward to carry out their God-given purpose in life. He aims to serve the hopeless, the hurting, frustrated, and those who have given up their dreams.