Book Buzz: Turning Baseball Upside Down by Alex Gaynes


"But above all, love your kids.", writes Coach Alex Gaynes at the beginning of his book, Turning Baseball Upside Down: Memoirs, Truths & Myths From Coaching Baseball 55 Years. Gaynes has coached players at every level of baseball, from T-ball to Little League, to his KFC sponsored Legion team, and everything in between. In his 55 years of coaching, Gaynes and his team has won most of the tournaments they have joined. Gaynes has also ruffled some feathers with his oddball ways, including having his sandals banished from his local American Legion League. His coaching experience is long and storied. In this book, he shares some of the stories and vignettes that he is known for telling. Gaynes does not believe that baseball is about money. Quite the opposite. He even advises parents to run from coaches who preach the belief that they have to shell out a lot of money so their kids could make it into the major leagues. He is also not a coach who makes the game exclusive. He coaches players of all levels, makes sure they get to play, and becomes their coach even outside of the field. Turning Baseball Upside Down is a book about life and baseball. Gaynes talks about having a passion for the sport. This passion is exemplified by a lot of the kids that he has coached throughout the years. He talks about playing to win, but more importantly, he talks about playing and going out into the field solely for the love of baseball. This book is also about baseball and life. Baseball can teach us a lot of lessons that apply to other areas of our lives. It tells stories about the humanity of the sport and the people who are involved in it. Gaynes writes about these lessons that he has learned from the game and his players. 

"Really enjoyed this read! Great to see a coach think outside of the box and use innovative ways to get the most out of his players. A lot of baseball coaches in today’s world could take many pages from this book."
—Amazon Reader's Review

Turning Baseball Upside Down by Alex Gaynes

148 Pages

ISBN 9781796081534

Alex Gaynes has been a baseball coaching icon for 55 years in Tucson, Ariz. and led American Legion teams to 10+ State Championships, 20+ City Championships, and numerous league championships. His ball clubs have won countless tournament titles while his players have earned 300+ college scholarships, 100+ players have been chosen in the MLB Draft, and more than 11 future Major Leaguers have played on his teams. Numerous players have become college and junior college coaches and 50+ high school and youth league coaches.