Book Buzz: Treatment Is Not the Answer to Drug Addiction by Damilola Success


"Do you think drugs can get you off drugs?", author Damilola Success asks at the beginning of her book, Treatment Is Not the Answer to Drug Addiction!: Divine Secrets to Living a Drug-Free Life.

In her ten years of experience working in a drug addiction clinic, Success has seen many patients come in for treatment. These individuals are addicted to drug use and are seeking to abandon their addiction with the aid of facilities and organizations that advertise programs that can help them do just that.

Unfortunately, another thing that Success has seen through the years is patients replacing their current addiction with the abuse of another substance. The addiction is still there, but the drug name has changed. These patients walk in and out of treatment facilities without ever getting the cure that they are looking for.

Since many people don't recover from traditional treatments, do they have a chance of healing? According to Success, the key to overcoming drug addiction is through treating the spirit first. In her book, Success discusses what addiction is, why people get addicted, and steps one can take to cure addiction for oneself or to help a loved one.

Success believes in treating beyond the body. Man is more than the physical visage that we can see. In her book, she recognizes the "spirit man," one that hails from God. If one does not treat the spirit man before the physical body, then the efforts for treatment will be a waste of time and money. Healing the spirit as the first step to living a drug-free life is free of cost, and it is made available to anyone willing to receive it.

In Treatment Is Not the Answer to Drug Addiction!, Success draws from the word of God to understand how to treat broken spirits who have fallen into substance abuse and to guide them in finding the road to real recovery.

"The author cleverly marries the science and spirituality involved in healing the person as a whole and not just the illness itself."
— Sophie W.

Treatment Is Not the Answer to Drug Addiction by Damilola Success

116 Pages

ISBN 9781973670087

Damilola Success has worked in a drug addiction clinic for more than ten years but believes traditional drug treatment does not work. The author firmly believes that God put her there to help His children overcome drug addiction.