Book Buzz: To Close the "SHITHOLES" Africa Must Change by Osei Badu-Nkansah

In January of 2018, President Trump referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as "shit hole countries." This comment was made during a bipartisan meeting in the White House. Naturally, this remark angered people of African descent, African leaders, the UN, and allies throughout the world. How can Africa, whose people had built the pyramids, whose early scholars laid the foundations for the alphabet, and whose lands have cultivated the oldest university in the world be considered a "shit hole"? Since this comment was made by, unfortunately, one of the most powerful leaders in the world, it has sparked controversy and numerous discussions.

For the author, Osei Badu-Nkansah, this comment paved the way for a truthful introspection on the prevailing conditions of African nations and where it needs to be if its people want to turn "shit holes" into "gold holes." In his book, To Close the "Shitholes" Africa Must Change, Badu-Nkansah takes on the complicated process of soul searching for casting emotions aside and to honestly look at the past and present of supervised impoverishment of Africa. It is not a coincidence that many in Africa are afflicted by poverty and that even talented, qualified individuals are unemployed. Badu-Nkansah also looks into how Africa can realistically have a positive future that it is meant to have. This, of course, will not be an easy feat. According to Badu-Nkansah, it will take sacrifices, pain, and some hardship. However, it is within the realm of possibility.

Africa is a great continent whose culture is coveted throughout the world, made of people with so much untapped potential. Through his book, To Close the "Shitholes" Africa Must Change Badu-Nkansah, invites the readers, especially those of African lineage, to inhabit the mindset of their forefathers to create the right plans and have the right energy to rise above internal and external obstacles.    

To Close the "SHITHOLES" Africa Must Change by Osei Badu-Nkansah

388 Pages

ISBN 9781646104819

Osei Badu-Nkansah is an Experienced Information Technology (IT) Architect with a deep understanding of the latest Technological Concepts. He is an Alumnus of the University of Science & Technology, Kumasi Ghana, and the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, USA.

His Consulting days took him to many countries Worldwide, especially countries in Africa. Such travels brought him face-to-face with the realities of the African problems.