Book Buzz: Through the Storms: A Collection of Poems and Vignettes by Linda Garrett Hicks

Inspired by the storms of her own life, author Linda Hicks, pours her heart in her book, Through the Storms: A Collection of Poems and Vignettes. In this collection, she honors the physical, emotional, and spiritual winds that have passed through her life.

For every writer, the pen and paper are the perpetually patient friends who are always ready to listen. For Hicks, they are the friends who, for half a decade, were her faithful confidants. In Through the Storms, she begins with "Homage to My Pen and Paper," a reflection of how instrumental these reliable objects are to her life. She then proceeds with poems and vignettes grouped in five categories that reflect life's constantly changing circumstances - Faith and Inspiration, Love and Friendship, Childhood, Home, and Mother, Nature and Creation, and Vignettes.

In her poem, The Image in The Mirror, she writes about how one's physical reflection can, at times, distract from the likeness of Christ in each individual. In "I Shall Ever Be Grateful", she celebrates the everyday blessings that can easily be forgotten. Throughout the book, her poems and vignettes go in the same vein of thoughtful, honest, and full of comfort and encouragement. Her work prompts the readers to also reflect on the seasons of their own life, appreciate the lessons from the storms, and celebrate each one that they have weathered.

Hicks describes herself as "...a Christian, a wife and mother, and a writer—in that order. Everything else that I am is sheltered beneath this umbrella." Her work reflects these roles in life that has been given to her. She writes her poems as she sees and experiences life through this lens, sharing the highs, lows, joys, and sorrows with her pen and paper, and now, her readers.

Through the Storms: A Collection of Poems and Vignettes by Linda Garrett Hicks

122 Pages

ISBN 978-1449771287

Review by Sophia Budner

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Linda Garrett Hicks is a writer and poet from rural Middle Tennessee. Through the Storms, written over a period of nearly half a century, reflects this truism.