Book Buzz: Thin Places: Essays from In Between by Jordan Kisner

"An unsettling and an endlessly curious read." ―Sarah Neilson, Electric Literature

When Jordan Kisner was a child, she was saved by Jesus Christ at summer camp, much to the confusion of her nonreligious family. She was, she writes, “just naturally reverent,” a fact that didn’t change when she—much to her own confusion—lost her faith as a teenager. Not sure why her religious conviction had come or where it had gone, she did what anyone would do: “You go about the great American work of assigning yourself to other gods: yoga, talk radio, neoatheism, CrossFit, cleanses, football, the academy, the American Dream, Beyoncé.”

A curiosity about the subtle systems guiding contemporary life pervades Kisner’s work. Her celebrated essay Thin Places (Best American Essays 2016), about an experimental neurosurgery developed to treat severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, asks how putting the neural touchpoint of the soul on a pacemaker may collide science and psychology with philosophical questions about illness, the limits of the self, and spiritual transformation. How should she understand the appearance of her own obsessive-compulsive disorder at the very age she lost her faith?

Intellectually curious and emotionally engaging, the essays in Thin Places manage to be both intimate and expansive, illuminating an unusual facet of American life, as well as how it reverberates with the author’s past and present preoccupations.

"With humor and razor-sharp insight, Jordan Kisner’sThin Places: Essays From in Betweencaptures the visceral, palpable feeling of loss . . . Kisner weaves together reflections on Kierkegaard, her early Christian conversion (and later 'unconversion') and waiting for the subway to gracefully guide us through our own emptiness in search of fullness."
―Henry Carrigan,BookPage (starred review)

Thin Places: Essays from In Between by Jordan Kisner

256 Pages

ISBN 9780374274641

Jordan Kisner's writing has appeared in n+1, TheNew York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, GQ, The Guardian, The American Scholar, California Sunday, The New Yorker, The New Republic, New York magazine, Pop-Up Magazine, and Pitchfork, among other publications. Her work has received a Pushcart Prize and was selected for TheBest American Essays 2016. The author of Thin Places: Essays from In Between, she teaches creative writing at Columbia University.