Book Buzz: The Word of My Testimony by Lance Watson

How does one tread the impossible way of life, which is Christianity? For implacable Christian and author Lance Watson, "It can only be done successfully when one is totally focused on Jesus and walks in the power of the Holy Spirit." His devotion to Jesus Christ overflows through his daily actions, his interactions with those around him, and his writing. His book of poetry, The Word of My Testimony, chronicles his life as a Christian as well as the obstacles and victories that come with it.

In his poem, "Jesus Christ The God-Man," Watson exalts his first passion, Jesus Christ. This poem talks about who Jesus is to the author and to all who believe in him. In this one poem, Watson speaks about Christ coming into this world, his mission to redeem the fallen, and the future of those who follow him. Throughout the collection, several poems speak on Watson's relationship with Christ. The lyrics are his love letter to his creator and savior. In the poem "Soul Hunter," the author writes about his birthright, purpose, and second passion, which is winning souls for God. He talks about the adventures, challenges, and triumphs that he has experienced in serving God through helping those who have lost their way. Watson considers himself as a seasoned "soul-winner," leading approximately 310 souls to Jesus Christ in over three decades. Through poetry, his third passion, Watson shares the adventure that is living the Christian way of life. The Word of My Testimony is more than a collection of poetry, it is also a form of autobiography sharing about the daily struggle between flesh and spirit. It is written to share God's love with those who are yet to get to know him and for believers who want to reignite their passion for Christ.

The Word of My Testimony by Lance Watson

198 pages

ISBN 9781504978088

I was born on March 23, 1953, in Trenton, New Jersey. I am retired and reside in New Jersey. My parents were Joseph and Doris. I was extremely close to my father, who, in my eyes, was a great man. He died when I was ten. I have two sisters, Gwendolyn and Sandra, both of whom I love very much. The single most important person in my life was an aunt named Alice T. Griffin, sister of Joseph. She was the one who suggested that I try my hand at poetry when I was thirteen years old. I never thought of this before, even though my mother was a passionate poetess. No human being on earth stands taller in my eyes than my Aunt Alice. Jesus is my passion. I exist for His pleasure and purpose. I am a soul-winner. God has used me to lead approximately 310 souls to Jesus Christ, all one-on-one, spanning three-plus decades. Soul winning is my second passion. Poetry is my third.