Book Buzz: The Will to Write by Reg B Cornejo


Are writers born or made?

Author Reg B Cornejo knew he was going to be a writer from the day he was born. He took to writing from a very young age, joining his school paper and writing about his experiences in the world. His parents tell the story that when Cornejo was five, his parents threw a small box that had been filled with canned goods on the floor. When they had finished putting their groceries away, they looked down and saw the young writer tapping on the circles that he had drawn on the box with crayons. When asked, he simply responded by saying, "I am writing a story."

Cornejo had written consistently since then and has been published in various journals, magazines, and newspapers. He shares this lifetime's worth of writing in his book, The Will to Write: Select Published and Unpublished Works of Reg. B. Cornejo. This book contains writing that he has been featured in various publications and some that he is sharing with the public for the first time.

The essays, short stories, and poems in this book tell the story of his life. In getting to know Cornejo through his work, his readers also get to know the story of his people. As a Native American, Cornejo is often invited to speak publicly on his experiences. His writing also reflects how he interacts, survives, and thrives in a white man's world. Through his work and the experiences that he shares in it, he helps his readers get to know the Native American people and culture beyond the stereotypes that most people see in the media.

In The Will to Write, the readers are invited to a new perspective, one that connects them to Cornejo's people and their wisdom. As he shares his life's philosophy, he allows the readers to ponder on the message found in every essay, short story, and poem so that they, too, can reconnect with his people and tap into their wisdom.

This book has a touch of Shakespeare, Arthur Conan Doyle, Poe, and Herb Caen Reg's muses.
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The Will to Write by Reg B Cornejo

148 Pages

ISBN 9781546272243

Retired Professor Reggie B Cornejo, AKA Reg. B Two Stones, is a California State University Graduate. He started writing when he was in eighth grade for his class newspaper. During his college years, he wrote for the school’s newspaper, worked as a camera person and reporter for a local television station in Bakersfield, and was published in his school’s literary magazine. Mr. Cornejo holds degrees in Social Science, Business Administration (with an emphasis in Corporate Finance and Accounting), Sociology (with an emphasis in Social Psychology and Deviant Behavior), English Communications (with an emphasis in television, radio, and journalism), and an MA in English Composition (with an emphasis in Linguistics and TEFL/TESL). Mr. Cornejo is a registered and documented North American Indian with Mescalero, Lipan, and Navajo roots (mother’s side of the family), and he also claims Portuguese and Spaniard heritage blood roots on his immigrant father’s side of the family. Mr. Cornejo is also the author of the book In Defense of the Constitution: Ending America’s Occupation that was recently re-released in 2019 and managed to earn 4 out of 4 stars from a book reviewer on the web page “ It is selling very well.