Book Buzz: The She-Wood by Raine Zygmunt

An intriguing mix of mystery and the divine is Raine Zygmunt's The She-Wood. It uncovers the story of the divine feminine energy called the She-Wood that local residents always have thought of as the haunting of an ancient witch.

From the moment Thea Windsong stepped into the run-down little house by the railroad tracks off Thornwood Road, she has sensed the divine feminine energy in its surroundings. The locals attribute this energy to a haunting of an ancient witch. Thea, no stranger to the divine, is more intuitive in these matters recognizes that this presence is the She-Wood. She is a self-styled shaman, a middle-aged woman with long black hair who arrived in town in her pick-up truck. Although having no connections to this affluent town in Connecticut, she chooses this house to be her new home.

Shortly after moving into her new home, Thea mysteriously disappears. Having no family nearby, no one seems to take notice but her real estate agent, Lydia Pretlove. In the search for Thea, she discovers her bewildering world and falls under the She-Wood's spell and uncovers the divine energy's secrets. Now Lydie must decide whether or not to reveal the She-Wood's secrets and face the consequences that come with exposing a powerful being.

In The She-Wood, Zygmunt brings the readers into a fascinating world that lurks behind the world as we know it. As the characters uncover the secrets that are held behind the unassuming run-down little cottage, the mystery and danger unravel with it.

The She-Wood by Raine Zygmunt

ISBN 978-0595239993

334 pages

Review by Gail Smith Leache

About the author

Raine Zygmunt, a free-lance writer, lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Her other lines of work have ranged from a missionary in Navajo country to a licensed real estate agent source of inspiration in writing The She-Wood.