Book Buzz: The Search to Forgive by Pam Edison Mann

How far are you willing to go to obey God? 

For author Pam Edison Mann, this question of obedience is answered every time God instructs her to do something out of her comfort zone. Throughout the years, God never ran out of instructions that He placed in her heart to put her "out there." From telling complete strangers that God loves them to distributing soup from her front porch, God commanded, and Mann obeyed. These instructions seemed peculiar and uncomfortable at that time, but they brought her closer to Him. Out of all of God's commands, perhaps the most peculiar and difficult task placed in her heart is when He asked her to forgive the three men that murdered her husband. This began her search and the journey that changed her life and so many others.

In her book, The Search to Forgive: An Incredible Journey, Mann tells the story of God's extraordinary calling to forgive. In 1968, Mann's husband was murdered during a robbery in the restaurant where he was the manager. At the time, they had four children and a fifth one on the way. Her husband and the father of her children was taken away. So it came as a surprise, even to her, as she was making the promise to obey God and take the steps towards forgiving the men who took her husband's life.

The Search to Forgive talks about the journey of searching for these men after so many years, letting them know of her forgiveness, and coming to terms with the responses. In this book, the readers are welcomed into an honest look at the impact of forgiveness and what happens when the faithful obey God even when His commands do not make sense to our human hearts right away.

This book is for those whose hearts weigh heavily with grief and the need to forgive or be forgiven.

" Pam Mann is an amazing, Godly woman and a gifted writer. I was blown away by her courage to share her life and her testimony of her lifetime commitment to Jesus Christ."
Gail F. Latham, Amazon Reader's Review

The Search to Forgive by Pam Edison Mann

114 Pages

ISBN 9781512785531

Pam is married to Ray Mann for seventeen years. She is a mother of five sons and one daughter, step-mother of two sons, Grandmother of twenty-one, and Great-Grandmother of nine. She and her husband now live in N. Myrtle Beach, SC. Pam loves to write and talk about God's forgiveness and abundant love. Her hobbies include painting with acrylics, teaching and creating stained glass art, and making her Grandma Pam's Famous Toffee.