Book Buzz: The Search: Looking for Truth in the Christian Religion by Harvey Meredith

"Who are you to question anything that has been accepted for almost two thousand years?" asks author Harvey Meredith in his book, The Search: Looking for Truth in the Christian Religion.

Meredith, author and research scientist, was raised in a Catholic home. His mother, a devout German Catholic, bent on imposing the Catholic doctrine on her family, raised her children in the belief that the Pope is infallible, and Bible stories are as good as any recorded historical fact. Meredith's home life was steeped in the teachings and activities of the church. Sin, original, venial, and mortal, is a big thing in their household. Other big things were attending church, praying, and going to a Catholic school. When it came to all things Catholic, Meredith's mother made sure that they did it "better and more often than anyone." As Meredith's family was occupied by the demands of the Catholic doctrine, there was very little room for questions.

His rigid upbringing, unsurprisingly, did not make Meredith more Catholic. Instead, what it cultivated is the triangle of fear, guilt, and doubt. This triangle led Meredith to his search in resolving conflicts about the religious teachings that he grew up on.

Using his training as a research scientist and the bounty of research materials that are now available, Meredith takes a close look into the teachings of the Catholic church and other Christian religions. In this book, he also investigates religion's regimented hypocrisy and lemming-like beliefs and teachings.

Since religion encompasses many facets of life, The Search also covers various topics including the origin and development of Christian religions, the roles of James, Peter, Paul, Mary, and Mary Magdalene in the faith, the birth of planet Earth, how the modern man came to be, and many more.

The Search is the result of Meredith's early exposure to the doctrine and practices of the church, his extensive research, and a lifetime of reflection. This book is written for those who are willing to approach the topic of religion with an open mind and willingness to form their own conclusions based on facts that are made available to them. 

"Insightful book by very erudite professor. Good read by those who want to study the text."
Dirk S. Mudge, Amazon Book Review

The Search: Looking for Truth in the Christian Religion by Harvey Meredith

288 Pages

ISBN 9781524514945

Harvey Meredith was born in the depths of the Great Depression and experienced the school of "hard knocks" while growing up in a family of 13 children. He was trained as a research scientist and applied his training and experience in compiling this writing. He received a Ph.D. in soil physics from Purdue University. He is a retired Air Force Civil Engineer, attaining the rank of Colonel. He is a graduate of the Air Command and Staff College, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, and the Air War College. He served as Regional Director for the National Fertilizer Development Center and was an Adjunct Professor, University of Minnesota, and a member of the University of Minnesota Graduate Faculty. He is the father of two children and six grandchildren and resides in Waco. Texas.