Book Buzz: The Sabbath A Marriage Covenant — A Day That Can Never Be Changed by Edem Ameyou

How important is the Sabbath? In Ezekiel 20:16, God rebuked the religious system by saying, “...because they rejected my laws and did not follow my decrees and desecrated my Sabbaths. For their hearts were devoted to their idols.” The significance of Sabbath is apparent in this verse and is emphasized alongside keeping His laws and His decrees.

The Sabbath has been mentioned more times throughout the Bible. It is a day connected with many key biblical events. In his book, A Day That Can Never Be Changed, The Sabbath, A Marriage Covenant, Pastor Edem Ameyou explores the significance of Sabbath. He discusses the theological implications of Sabbath in significant biblical events such as the Creation, the Exodus, and the Crucifixion as well as its implications in a believer’s life. What is the relationship between Sabbath and the marriage rest? Why should the seventh day Sabbath be kept holy? What does the seventh day Sabbath mean for Christian singles?

Sabbath is an emblem of holiness and total consecration to God. It is a day to enter into God’s perfect happiness and peace. Sabbath is a day in the week that represents the complete rest from sin and union with God. This day is of utmost significance because it is a marriage covenant between man and God.

From the Author

Edem Ameyou is a Pastor. He has served as an Assistant Pastor in the Tagaytay International SDA church, Elder in the African Congregation (PIC-AUP), Prayer Ministry Director and various positions for the Burbank SDA church- Illinois Conference, a Director of the Fusion Prayer Ministry in the Adventist University of the Philippines, and a United Prayer Ministry Coordinator for the Philippines International Church.

He has conducted seminars in various places to help people understand the importance of their relationship with Jesus-Christ.