Book Buzz: The People Lover by Glen Coutinho

"I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about how to become a successful Real Estate Agent." Joey Flores

Are you ready to "flick the switch"? Glen Coutinho, one of the most decorated real estate agents in Australia and the world, believes that there exists a "switch" in each person's mind. This is a switch to be a better version of oneself, whether it is to be more loving, more hardworking, to be more giving, and so on. The catch is that there is no one else who can flick it for you. As Coutinho says, "It starts with you.".

Thankfully, in his book, The People Lover, Coutinho shares practical and actionable advice to help anyone ready to flick the switch to become a better person and transform who they are at the present to the best version of themselves.

This book is written for those who are in the real estate industry. Coutinho shares his principles in succeeding in the industry while maintaining a strong relationship with his clients and everyone else that he crosses paths with. He believes in doing business with integrity and that no business deal is worth risking your reputation for.

Coutinho is one of the world's top salespeople. The People Lover is for those who consider themselves a "natural salesperson" and those who are continually training to become one. There is always something to be learned in every deal you make and every person you meet. Through this book, readers will learn from Coutinho, the salesperson on how to become successful and have longevity.

The People Lover is for everyone, from any industry who want to become better at whatever role that they have. Coutinho puts it succinctly, "My goal is to help you be a better agent, a better husband, a better wife, better son, or daughter, better father or mother, be the best version of yourself. If I achieve this, then I am happy."

"Fantastic book! Advice that is so simple, so powerful, so authentic, and I hope to harness the disciplines like you and yours one day!"
Nicole Vale, Amazon Reader's Review

The People Lover by Glen Coutinho

260 Pages

ISBN 9781504315579

Glen Coutinho is one of Australia's most decorated and successful real estate agents, having won Top Three Real Estate Agents in the World for customer service and sales. Glen reveals how he has created a 30,000 strong client database and keeps everyone happy from the cleaner, to the millionaire's, to his beautiful wife and family. With great partnerships at RT Edgar and three offices, Carlton, Manningham, and Boroondara. Melbourne will always be home. Sales techniques, customer service, mentoring, and people skills are just a sample of Glen's expertise. Everyone can learn from Glen how to flick the switch and become a better person, become the best version of themselves! Glen has now launched into the USA market as owner of Harcourts Beverly Hills and the corporate director of growth and training pacific region USA.