Book Buzz: The Mind of God by Paul Cochrane


In 1994, Paul Cochrane took a trip to Bali. Shortly after his return, something happened that changed his life and the way he sees it forever. For one week, each thought that he had found its way to manifest into his physical reality. It was as if his very own thoughts have birthed the events, experiences, and the physical things around him. This experience, both exciting and unsettling, is similar to what the psychologist Carl Jung described in his book as Synchronicity. These are meaningful coincidences that are too frequent and too significant to be chucked out as just random happenstance.

In his book, The Mind of God: Human Destiny, Music, and the Search for Meaning Amidst Tragedy, he talks about the quest to understand this synchronicity, where it originates, and what it is leading to.  In his life, Cochrane has witnessed the "unseen" revealing itself in the physical world. In his work in emergency services, they would often arrive at the scene, and a doctor or another medical practitioner would already be there. They just happened to be at the right place or were passing by. Some people would consider this a coincidence, while others would call it a miracle amid tragedy. In this book, Cochrane embarks on a scientific and spiritual exploration of the process of our planet and the higher level of intelligence that steers us toward our destiny.

Through The Mind of God, Cochrane invites his readers to explore our human experience and integrate it into our knowledge of science, arts, psychology, and spirituality. He uses the scientific process, the human experience, and biblical principles to explain complex concepts and relate them to the experiences that shape the course of our lives. This book is for those who are ready to take on the thought-provoking journey into self-exploration amidst our tragedies and miracles.

The Mind of God by Paul Cochrane

328 Pages

ISBN 9781403313157

Paul Cochrane has worked as a professional firefighter for over twenty years. He graduated magna cum laude with two Bachelor of Science degrees and was awarded a presidential scholarship. An avid adventurer, he has traveled extensively and studied cultures worldwide. He resides in Northern California. Amazed at the many times, emergency crews arrived within minutes of an accident only to find off duty doctors and emergency personnel already there, Paul began to wonder if it was just coincidence, or had a deeper significance. In 1994, an event happened that would forever change his life. For one week, each thought of every moment became meaningfully related to those things occurring in physical reality, as if the very thought was creating it! After years of searching for it’s meaning, a number of breakthroughs arose from coincidental sources, resulting in the book, The Mind of God. The work encompasses exhaustive research and collected notes and experiences spanning more than twenty-five years.

Enlightenment manifests uniquely in each of us. Instead of seeing reality as made up of parts―fragments of thoughts, experiences, and sensations - the enlightened mind delves to see the whole: the pieces along with all the interconnections between them. Our intuitive, spiritual eye perceives with utmost clarity what our dualistic mind struggles to comprehend. In 'The Mind Of God, Human Destiny, Music, and the Search for Meaning Amidst Tragedy' author Paul Cochrane takes us on a most enjoyable ride as he assembles a mystic's perspective on a world seemingly fragmented by science, scripture, and philosophical perspectives, stitching arguably irreconcilable bodies of knowledge together in a beautiful and grand tapestry that, if nothing else, gets the reader thinking. Cochrane delves into contemporary science and physics, making it approachable for the average reader, focusing on the deeper meanings within, linking them to the 'big picture' of what it means to be human. Cochrane gives equal weight to religion, observing some profound implications of Christian biblical texts that go unobserved because of their more frequent literal interpretations. But he doesn't stop there either―Cochrane draws upon some of the greatest spiritual thinkers of recent times and decades past to connect the pieces: Carl Jung, Benoit Mandelbrot, Wolfgang Pauli, Heisenberg, Einstein, Arthur Young, Fritjof Capra, Deepak Chopra, J. W. Dunn, Mircea Eliade, Ed Hall, Stephen Hawking, Ravi Shankar, and many others. 'The Mind of God' could also have been subtitled 'Dancing is a state of Mind,' for a dance of the spirit is what you'll get when you read Cochrane's honest and intelligent account of one man's spiritual awakening. Its tone is unpretentious, friendly and joyous. Upon finishing the book I felt like a new friend had entered the world. That he has chosen to share his journey with us, and the myriad of interconnections that journey has brought, is a true gift to humanity.
Chuan Zhi Shakya, Abbot, The Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun