Book Buzz: The Man in the Black Cashmere Coat by Peggy W Fellouris

Most people believe that someone is watching us. Some call it a fairy godmother, a guardian angel, a bearer of omens, or their own intuition. If someone is looking over us and their intentions depend on how each of us views life. Sometimes, we leave it all to faith. Other times, we try to decipher based on the chain of events that happen as we experience this presence. The Man in the Black Cashmere Coat by Peggy W Fellouris is a story about such a presence.

This story is about a mysterious figure in a young Timmy's life. He first saw a man in the black cashmere coat one sunny but cool March day. This is the day before the tragic event that changed Timmy's life forever. The man in a black cashmere coat reappears several times in little Timmy's life and his family's. Each time, the mysterious man's appearance precedes a consequential event.

The Man in the Black Cashmere Coat is a curious story about the constant appearance of a man who is shrouded in mystery. It is not easy to string the audience along with an early introduction of a mysterious character. Yet, Fellouris does it successfully in The Man in the Black Cashmere Coat with her smooth flowing writing. Although the mystery is implied from the start, the story is easy to follow and maintains this quality throughout the book. The story brings the readers into different events of Timmy's life and invites them to guess who this man is and piece together the mystery of his presence. Who is this man? Does his appearance bear a warning? Or, is he the one causing these events to happen? Readers journey along with little Timmy as he learns to deal with this figure in his life and uncover his identity and why he appears.

The Man in the Black Cashmere Coat by Peggy W Fellouris

294 Pages

ISBN 9781504911740

Peggy W. Fellouris was born on the West Coast and has called New England her home for many years. As a family therapist and a divorce mediator, she counseled many individuals and numerous families through their difficult times by hearing their various stories. Peggy is privileged to hold a Ph.D. and other degrees. She was urged and encouraged to utilize her talent as a creative writer by her instructors at Exeter College – Oxford University, England. Peggy has published three nonfiction books, and this is her third novel.