Book Buzz: The Lost Spot: The Keys To Happiness by Nina Laird Toth

Nameless. Lost. At one point or another, anybody can be both. Anybody can be the character in Nina Laird Toth’s The Lost Spot: The Keys to Happiness and life can be such a struggle no matter how beautiful the world is, how full of promises every sunrise is, and how wonderful it is to live.

What is the secret to a happy life? Where are the keys to everlasting happiness?

Toth’s spiritual masterpiece is for all the nameless and lost men and women of the world—those who are seeking for themselves and their purpose in life, those who are searching for peace and happiness, and those who have strayed too far from the Truth, the Way, and the Light. The book is refreshingly beautiful, soft and gentle, and brimming with words of wisdom. At its core is the indelible message that real happiness is only possible in Christ.

Christ is the hope that springs eternal. He gives peace and salvation to those who believe in him. He promises life everlasting to those who choose to follow in his footsteps. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice to save us from our sins, from the temptations of the world, and from ourselves. By doing so, he showed us what love is all about, but still, we stray and forget about his mercy.

In 2018, author Nina Laird Toth distinctly heard directions to share Christ’s message of hope and healing to the unsaved. “It’s time,” she heard, and it has been her mission to bring Christ closer to every person who needs saving.

Toth has aptly chosen a nameless character in the story. Indeed, when we genuinely wish to become like Christ and find real and lasting happiness, we must strip ourselves of our titles, of our pretenses, and of our reservations and simply be the beautiful beings we were created to be.

Simple in language and execution, Nina Laird Toth’s book, The Lost Spot: The Keys to Happiness, is an excellent reminder that there is power in a heartfelt whisper.

Very sweet and gentle, as is our Lord, this little book provides a big dose of wisdom for all of us who once were lost and now are found in Christ Jesus. —TLC Amazon Readers' Review
Tender and powerful at the same time.—Jillian Kallinger, BookAvolare

The Lost Spot: The Keys To Happiness by Nina Laird Toth

ISBN 978-1688083387

47 pages

Review by Jillian Kallinger

Nina L. Toth began writing poetry and stories at the age of eight. As she grew older and gave her heart to the Lord, she realized her passion was to offer others a message of hope and peace through Jesus Christ. Nina has previously published two books, "Memoirs to God," a self-help book, and "Needless Notes on Life," a 365 day devotional. Nina spends her days encouraging people through her inspirational Facebook group" "Memoirs to God" and working on new writing projects.