Book Buzz: The Logical Law of Attraction by Helen Racz and Cindy Childress

Most people struggle with the Law of Attraction because all you have to do is be a match for what you want, except no one tells us how to do that logically and consistently," quipped Helen Racz, life coach, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner. Readers could take a glimpse of her unique style combining energy, humor, and compassion throughout the reading; motivations and insights reached greater heights as the essence of this novel unfolds.

Many books proliferate on principle-based thinking integrating thought leadership—a formula to bring people into a most fulfilling experience. One of the most talked-about topics on psychological writings delves deeper into the challenges in its discourses of mind conditioning. Simply put—"positive thoughts create reality"—could go its way quickly to the minds of anyone who needs prodding.

Attracting reality has something to do with the psyche by focusing on the good and positive things, and they will come back to you. How to achieve this is by going back to the basics and building on them. We could glean from the authors that The Law of Attraction is logical through channeling like meditation and hands-on-healing work.

No one could deny that the human mind could grasp anything. In making this Law of Attraction logical, the mind goes through a repetition process and anchors new information to something it already understands. Those affirmations of what you want to happen in your life come into play. This is where the authors echo their assertions in the paradigm shift from what to think to how to think.

To support the framework of this thinking pattern, the authors could not help but mention the olden times written in the Bible, where Abraham showed his faith and assertions in the context of Spiritual Laws. At a glance, how could he become the Father of All Nations as promised by God when he and his wife could not bear children due to old age, and his wife's womb is barren? And to test Abraham's conviction further, God made him offer his only son, Isaac, a living sacrifice. His thoughts and feelings, which translate to his firm belief, are something that is beyond understanding. What makes it interesting is the fact that he never questioned God's statement.

If we know how to think and align our bodies with what we desire, then we will become a better match for our best experience and create new patterns of higher vibrations. The authors reinforce that we ought to embark on a new goal by applying the Logical Law of Attraction to have the best possible experience. Continuous usage of all the principles together all the time, as suggested in the book, will ensure our lives to shift into success logically.

“Absolutely life changing! I’m forever grateful for this book.”
―Kelsi Harris, Amazon Reader’s Review

The Logical Law of Attraction by Helen Racz and Cindy Childress

212 Pages

ISBN 9781982242411

Helen Racz has been helping people find clarity and relief from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges for over a decade. As a life coach and EFT practitioner, her unique connection to The Emissarians creates an intuitive style that combines energy, humor, and compassion as she teaches people how to align with their desires. Through heart-centered focus, she empowers others to live life on purpose with purpose. She is a dynamic teacher, speaker, retreat leader, and channel with a passionate commitment to support others as they create their own individualized success.