Book Buzz: The Key: Reflections an Wisdom of a New England Carpenter by Peter Cassels-Brown

What do you need to receive so that you can live a life that is positive and full of creativity? What do you need to let go of?

At times, it is easy to lose sight of the things that fulfill us because of the things we perceive to lack. When we encounter painful experiences or challenges in our lives, the things that bring us joy and the triumphs we have had in the past can fade to the background. What if we can convert these pains and obstacles into opportunities of complete surrender?

Author, Petter Cassels-Brown has had glimpses of what can happen when we embrace each moment, even amid struggles and pain, instead of resisting it. The result is a profound peace and joy in more and more areas of his life. This understanding did not come in an instant. It is the result of nearly half a century of accumulated wisdom through reading, conversations, and his own life experiences on what it means to be human. He shares this message through stories, affirmations, and lessons in his book, The Key: Reflections and Wisdom of a New England Carpenter.

The Key is about releasing tension, anxiety, and stress to make room for accepting happiness, health, and prosperity. It is freeing yourself from the chains that are keeping you from attaining your dreams. It is about discovering the human potential as a creator who can create the present and future that he wants for himself and others. The Key is an invitation to receive the life that is full and creative.

This wisdom has been expressed in so many ways by so many people. This is because it transcends time, space, and even language. It is a message that has existed inside of us from the beginning, yet it always needs to be shared. This book is written for those that need a reminder, encouragement, and some comfort.

"Peter tells stories that have helped him sort out what is important in life. Just a great reminder to focus on what is important, and to accept what is."
— Liz K, Amazon Reader's Review

The Key: Reflections and Wisdom of a New England Carpenter by Peter Cassels-Brown

75 Pages

ISBN 9781475937978

Peter Cassels-Brown is currently the owner of Mountain Energy Design, a design/build company specializing in the construction of custom energy-efficient and net-zero homes and clean (renewable) energy systems, located in Bristol, Vt. An avid skier, musician, and writer, he finds joy spending time with his partner Jennifer and their growing family.