Book Buzz: The Growth of a Girl to the Wisdom of a Woman by Stephanie Olivia Bell

What transforms a girl into a woman? Is time enough to create such growth, or is it something more? 

Author, Stephanie Olivia Bell chronicles her transformation from a girl into a woman in her book, The Growth of a Girl to the Wisdom of a Woman. The pen and paper have always been Bell's faithful confidants whenever she is happy or in distress. Writing is a way for her to record her thoughts, share her emotions, and process her life experiences. Poetry is her medium of choice to free her mind of obtrusive thoughts.

The Growth of a Girl to the Wisdom of a Woman is divided into three sections with poems that speak about youth and first love, nature, and wisdom.

Her poems on youth express the heady and passionate feeling of being in love. It brings back the intoxicating energy of youth and the promise of endless possibilities. Through these poems, the readers are welcomed into how invincible first love seems and how final every heartbreak can feel.

Her poems on nature reflect the hallmark of growth that is to see the world beyond oneself. She pours her emotions as she marvels upon God's creations. Her poems become a way to put her thoughts into the written word as she contemplates the parallels of her life and those around her.

The third part of her book, the poems on wisdom, speaks mostly on the lessons learned through the many love, heartaches, challenges, and triumphs that she has encountered in her journey from being a girl to a woman.

Although this book contains poetry that reflects Bell's personal thoughts and feelings, the readers are invited to read about her transformation, to glean some insight into yourself with the parts that you relate to, and relive some of your own journey.

"Stephanie is a personal friend and to hear her journey, spiritual and practical, through this collection of poems enriches my sense of space and person."
Michael & Libby McLoughlin, Amazon Book Review

The Growth of a Girl to the Wisdom of a Woman by Stephanie Olivia Bell

122 Pages

ISBN 9781524575526

I am a Native Californian. I was born in the Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara. I have lived in Avenue, Maryland; Athens, Georgia; Klamath Falls, Oregon ;the middle of Manhattan, New York City ; Studio City, Encino, and Westlake Village California. I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. I was going to be a famous secretary in San Francisco, California, having gone to Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School. Wrong! I was married the day after I graduated from college. The journey begins. Through my poetry, you will know me in depth.