Book Buzz: The Family: Shades of Light and Darkness by April McKaig

Do vampires exist? As far as the human eyes can see, there are no vampires that walk among us. Vampires don't exist. Or do they? Vampires may be walking among us while their true nature effectively evades our limited human senses. This is what the character of Justine Reynard awakens to in April McKaig's The Family: Shades of Light and Darkness.

Justine is an ordinary young woman with seemingly everyday struggles. However, one day, the very tapestry of her life was pulled out from under her as she discovered that she was not so ordinary after all. She finds that she did not belong to the world that she thought she lived in. In fact, she belonged in a world previously hidden and very different from the one she moved through all her life that there was only one explanation. Her whole life was a life.

Just like Justine, some vampires walked among the ordinary people. They work and live undetected. For sustenance, they have harbored willing donors. However, some choose to be creatures of the dark. They sleep in coffins, and for food, they are unafraid to kill. These creatures of light and dark are on the brink of war against each other. Justine finds herself in the middle.

The Family is for vampire literature enthusiasts and fans of coming of age stories with a dark twist. It takes you into the depths of an unknown world where good battles evil and the side to take will determine your loyalty just as it will your fate. The Family takes you to a different dimension. With Justine, you will experience a world within a world, discover what family truly means, how far they will go for each other, and what they are capable of destroying to protect their own.  

" This book was an excellent read, exciting story line. I would recommend this book for all Vampire enthusiast. "
— Amazon Reader's Review

The Family: Shades of Light and Darkness by April McKaig

396 Pages

ISBN 9781796091007

April McKaig has dreamed of being an author since elementary school and been fascinated by Vampires since childhood. She has written fan fiction and won fan awards and had some small parts in a YouTube series. Her friends say she has led an interesting life for a 54-year-old woman. Singing lead in a heavy metal band, a lead actor at Netherworld Haunted House, a coach of a blind softball team and an Empathic Sensitive in a Paranormal group, to list a few of her hobbies. At the age of 33, she had a massive heart attack and flat-lined. She credits God with giving her a second chance and has been living life to the fullest since. She resides in Gainesville, Georgia, with her wife, Dawn, and their four-legged daughter, Princess Leia. She is also currently working on her next novel.