Book Buzz: The Clash of Power and Authority by Troy Sanon

What is the difference between power and authority? In the world, we see people with power. They weld their power proudly and, most of the time, forcefully, to get what they want out of this life. We also see people with authority. They are those who change the world. Their impact can be felt for generations to come.

In his book, The Clash of Power and Authority: Why the Pursuit of Authority Instead of Power Normally Leads to Transformational Change, author Troy Sanon examines what power and authority mean and what makes them different. Power, as he defines it, is the privilege to make decisions, rule, and give orders. Authority, on the other hand, is becoming legitimate to change the world by participating in the Creator's ministry. Power is insecure because no matter how powerful a person is, there will always be someone with greater power. Authority, as Sanon states, has nothing to envy from power.

To understand power and authority, Sanon uses examples throughout history, business, politics, and the church. He takes the readers into a journey of how these two forces have affected humanity and the world throughout time. He also discusses how these two impact our destinies. Sanon himself has extensive experience working with people of authority. One such person, in particular, is Jack Wall, who has dedicated his life to serving the poor. From him, Sanon learned that no matter what resources a person has, he can have an impact on the world by serving his purpose.

In The Clash of Power and Authority, Sanon encourages readers, especially the youth, to respond to their calling. Whether in the school, at work, in their own family, in the ministry, or their community, they can respond to their calling to serve. Lack of resources does not mean a lack of impact.

There are many ways to gain power, as there are many ways to lose it. But, real authority only comes from one's willingness and commitment to the calling assigned to them by the Creator.

The Clash of Power and Authority by Troy Sanon

168 Pages

ISBN 9781984570710

Troy Sanon is a consultant in social business, strategic management, and leadership development. He has worked on a broad range of issues within the field of social and economic development. He supports the development of local leadership, results-based management, and the application of a market systems approach to development.

Troy has a practical understanding and considerable knowledge of global development, cooperatives, and enterprises. He has designed projects that obtained the support of various governmental and international organizations, development financial institutions, and international NGO’s.

His work is focused on transformational development, small and medium-sized businesses, public policy, public sector reform, and trade. His formal training is in Business Administration with a concentration in community assets and cultural capital development. Troy firmly believes that all actions must be inspired by a vision to make the world better by answering the calling to foster real and transformational change.