Book Buzz: The Carpenter’s Son: Your Victory From the Jaws of Defeat by Ron W. Simmons

Often we hear that the word of God is alive and dynamic. We are taught that the Bible, a book written thousands of years ago, still applies in our modern-day lives. It talks about love, faith, and worship, things that many believers contemplate today.  It centers on the topics of autonomy, power, and God, something that humanity has struggled with from the beginning of time until the present day. 

If the answers to the questions that we have can be found in the Bible, how is it that we don't often turn to it? A lot of us, especially those with little knowledge of God's word, view the Bible as something archaic, out of date, and unrelatable. How can the eternal truths of the Bible be brought to modern men and women so that we can learn from it?

Ron W. Simmons bridges that gap with his book, The Carpenter's Son: Your Victory From the Jaws of Defeat. In The Carpenter's Son, Simmons examines the original revolution that happened in Genesis and the counter-revolution that is the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. This book examines these critical events in the Bible and how it relates to our lives today. Questions that humanity has grappled with, such as our ultimate destiny, life after death, spirituality, have already been answered. The answer is found through the carpenter's son, Jesus, who walked among us and changed the world forever.

Simmons brings a fresh perspective to Biblical narratives for his readers. Whether he is relating Biblical stories to the Terminator or present-day personalities like Nick Vujicic, Richard Manning, or Ray Brennan, Simmons manages to get the message across without adding or taking away anything from it. Then Carpenter's Son does not transform or transfigure the word of God. What Simmons does is translate it using vocabulary that his readers can easily relate to.

"Making it contemporary, a Spiritual Journey with modern connotations."
Du Wayne, Amazon Reader's Review

The Carpenter’s Son: Your Victory From the Jaws of Defeat by Ron W. Simmons

346 Pages

ISBN 9781512789973

Ron has been interested in philosophy, religion, and spirituality most of his life. With a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics and Asian Studies, and Masters degrees in Non-Fiction Writing and Studies in Religion, Ron draws on years of learning to uncover the relevance and urgency of the historical Jesus who still cries out from the gospels to our world in turmoil. Ron presently teaches English and literacy in Southeast Asia.