Book Buzz: The Blue Ring Assassin by Keith Millheim

This irresistible page-turner entitled The Blue Ring Assassin by Keith Millheim certainly packs a lot of punch! It keeps the reader from putting down the book until its conclusion. Categorized in the genre of a thriller and adventure, the story revolves around psychological issues regarding vengeance, vindication, and contemplation.

The story started when a man was killed by a hit-and-run road accident due to a speeding vehicle owned by a high ranking official, who successfully escapes the law due to his influence in society.

On the other hand, his daughter―showing her utmost dissatisfaction over what had transpired―utilizes all of her knowledge and expertise on the composition and behaviors of certain lowlifes in launching a personal vendetta against abusive individuals. These lowlifes are known for victimizing innocent citizens and then successfully escaping the law due to their lofty stature in their respective communities.

The vengeance aspect against evildoers is somewhat similar to what drove a young Bruce Wayne to make a lifetime vow to halt crime from vastly proliferating Gotham City’s streets by becoming the Batman comic book hero after his parents were killed in cold blood by robbers right in front of him.

The reader will also encounter prevalent issues touching on racial discrimination. Certain proud citizens belong to the so-called “acceptable” class in society in a given country who would go to the extent of insulting and murdering their own countrymen because of their prejudiced hatred towards a different class of people. People nowadays can easily relate to these issues with the recent events revolving around the “Black Lives Matter” political and social movement.

A bit of a warning, though. Due to several instances of various profane language, I could very well say that this book can be categorized as an adult fiction thriller material, not really recommended to be read by children.

Lastly, since most of the settings here revolve around Australia, the reader would then be spiritually introduced to the realm of Australian Aboriginal culture, which delves on several practices and ceremonies focused on a belief in the so-called Dreamtime.

The Blue Ring Assassin is one great psychological thriller material that is a satisfying read and indeed worth the purchase.

The story just flows. Made me curious with each step. A woman who's a scientist, strong physically, a big hearted vigilant, the conspiracies and crimes of the powerful ones, and yet love and mysticism. I feel there's more to come from the author. Can't wait.
―J.K., Amazon Reader's Review

The Blue Ring Assassin by Keith Millheim

474 Pages

ISBN 9781532093159

Keith Millheim, Ph.D., was a world-recognized petroleum engineer, inventor, innovator, university director in Austria and Oklahoma. He was also an adventurer. He lived and worked in the U.S., Australia, Dubai, Austria, the U.K., and worked in Egypt, Iran, West Africa, Algeria, Canada, Timor, Papua/New Guinea, Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela. Millheim owned and operated gold mines in Western Australia, lived amongst the aborigines in Australia and the jungles of New Guinea. He studied martial arts, was an expert scuba diver and outdoorsman.