Book Buzz: The Bear: Water & Oil

California is the land where dreamers go. Some of them flourish, while some of them fail. This land of triumph and struggle became the perfect setting for the McGuire family's saga in John Kerr's The Bear: Water & Oil. 

A follow up to his previous novel The Bear: The Rising, The Bear: Water & Oil is the beginning of a new generation and opportunities as Michael McGuire takes over the family enterprise. The McGuire family has risen in wealth and their status in society over the years. Now their fortunes are waning, and the family's fate rests in the hands of Michael. With prohibition rearing its head in the horizon and their family fortune slowly slipping away, Michael makes the bold decision of forging a partnership with Canadian and Mexican mobsters. In his efforts to keep from falling further into hard times, he enmeshes the McGuire family in alcohol and cocaine import to Los Angeles.

The new era for the McGuires happens as California undergoes enormous changes at the dawn of the 20th century. The San Francisco earthquake sends a piano player, a reporter, and a thief to the booming Los Angeles. Each of them gives their best shot at surviving and thriving in LA. This story sees each of them either succeed or being cast aside for those who do.

The Bear: Water & Oil is a multi generational story of the McGuire family as they go through natural calamity, war, politics, racism, the prohibition, and Hollywood. This book is about a family fighting in and against a power-hungry world where lives and destinies are fair game to those who threaten the survival of their dreams. The Bear: Water & Oil is a story about a slice of history that changed California forever, a tale of a family defending what they have achieved and fought for, and about individual successes and failures.

"Great read, John doesn't waste ink or paper. Fast paced and hard to put down! This would make a good mini series. Can't wait for the next book in this series. Reminds me of Larry McMurtry."
Lynn Harnisch, Amazon Reader's Review

The Bear: Water & Oil

408 Pages

ISBN 9781532086274

John Kerr grew up in Southern California. He has worked as a producer/director for NBC and CBS in Hawaii. He plays drums and saxophone in blues and jazz bands. Kerr lives in Southern California with his wife, three dogs, and two cats. He has made it a point never to live more than 15 minutes away from a good Mexican restaurant.