Book Buzz: The Art of War on Dental Health by Margaret McMillan

Taking care of one's dental health is a practice with lasting effects. If you take care of your mouth consistently, your reward will be great and long-lasting. However, if you fail to do even the most uncomplicated mouth care measures daily, you are putting yourself on the losing end of the battle.

Like many of us, author Dr. Margaret McMillan grew up fearing the dentist. She has had her own dental horror story as a child that instilled the fear of the dental chair in her. For many people, this horror is the reason that they have an aversion to the topic of dental health. Inspired by Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Dr. McMillan lays down the winning but straightforward battle plan in her book, The Art of War on Dental Health.

While most would grow into adults fearing and often neglecting their doctor's visits, Dr. McMillan turned her fear into a passion. She began studying dental hygiene in 1977. In 1987, when female dentists were still mostly unheard of, she graduated from the Northwestern University Dental School at the top of her class.

In The Art of War on Dental Health, Dr. Millan shares what she teaches patients who sit on her dentist's chair. With simple terms and informative illustrations, she explains the importance of dental health and provides her readers with clear instructions on proper mouth care.

This book is for individuals who want to actively participate in their own healthcare. It is also for health care providers who need a practical resource on patient education.

Dental care is not just for the mouth, it impacts one's overall health as well. When it comes to mouth care, prevention is always a better strategy than cure, and in Dr. McMillan's orders, "It is time to declare war on poor health. Let's start with teeth".  The Art of War on Dental Health empowers everyone to win the daily battle that is keeping the mouth healthy and win the war on attaining a lifetime of good overall health. 

"A truly excellent book! Helpful and informative. Every dental office should have one, and every patient should read it!"
Michael Major, Amazon Reader's Review

The Art of War on Dental Health by Margaret McMillan

112 Pages

ISBN 9781452515557

Dr. Margaret R McMillan began studying dental hygiene in 1977. In 1987 she graduated from Northwestern University Dental School with honors. Her never-ending thirst for knowledge led her to become a fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry by 1996 and a master in 2006. Dr. McMillan grew up on the south side of Chicago and now lives with her husband Slava Kuznetsov, a composer from Siberia, in Zillah, Washington, along with a menagerie of animals. Besides her dental practice, she and Slava own an artist and wellness retreat. In addition to all her achievements in dentistry, she has earned certifications as a yoga instructor, fitness trainer, Reiki master, and health consultant. Their retreat offers creativity and health coaching for mind, body, and spirit, concentrating on overall health. Dr. McMillan is currently working on her next book, The Art of War on Diabetes.