Book Buzz: Terradom by Brian Good

In his exciting novel Terradom: The Watcher's Prophecy, Brian Good expertly paints a fantasy world at the brink of an earth-shattering apocalypse. This world of magic and treachery will witness the battle between good and evil, and the author does not disappoint. He allows readers to access perspectives of different characters one at a time and neatly ties everything together in the end. 

Like all places beautiful in the beginning, greed came upon the mighty leaders of Terradom. They wanted to rule their world as they saw fit, but the ancient Watchers stood in their way. Getting rid of the Watchers then was necessary, and plans were put forth to accomplish that, but the leaders underestimated the power of old magic. The Watchers knew of the evil plan all along, and by the time the leaders attacked, the Watchers had fled to the safety of King's Forest. 

The Watchers had powerful friends. While ordinary people couldn't enter and survive the forest, the Watchers were welcomed and guided by all sorts of creatures—the falcons, the trees, the rivers. Not one soul dared to come near King's Forest after the Watchers, not without an invitation from the forest. The forest was foreboding, unwelcoming.

With the Watchers gone, the leaders were left to their devices. The ordinary folks were helpless and hopeless now, except for one ray of light: an ancient prophecy. Nobody could tell whether it was real or not, but according to the Watchers' prophecy, cleansing by fire was coming upon their land—a time of calamity and destruction. Many things would perish then—lives, livelihoods, villages, but several generations before the darkest of days, two creatures would be born to save Terradom and those who deserve second chances. These creatures—a boy and a girl—would be gifted with old magic and would be more powerful than anyone ever known. They would be known as the Falcon Lords, and they would restore peace and harmony to Terradom. All who would defy them will perish, and everyone who would follow them will prosper.

Unlike the villagers who did not know the if and when, Liam, his father, and his father's apprentice waited their whole lives for the signs. Liam was a guardian, and his father was a high priest. When the boy was born, Liam left his father's side to search for the boy and commence his duty.   

From this point, author Brian Good jumps from one perspective to another, allowing readers access to multiple points of view—a refreshing approach to storytelling. In the end, readers will find the ultimate fight between good and evil familiar gravely familiar. 

"Great adventure story! I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend it to any fantasy & adventure lover!"
Bill, Amazon Reader's Review

Terradom by Brian Good

338 Pages

ISBN 9781532077746

Being an Electrical Engineer by profession makes this project a far stretch from my norm. I’ve had always enjoyed reading and watching Fantasies. One day I wondered if I could write one of my own. Two years later, I have a story. This is the first chapter of that story.