Book Buzz: Tehran Revisited by John Sager

The topic of geopolitics and international relations is a complex and often testy subject to approach. How does one balance his own motives and the cause of an entire nation? What happens when there are more nations and motivations at stake?

These are the themes that readers can expect in John Sager's fictional memoir, Tehran Revisited. It is a contemporary story with the American President taking the risk of bringing change in the current regime ruling Iran. The challenge is to make it appear as though it is a result of internal unrest and that the United States of America and its leadership had no hand in it. He relays this delicate task to his CIA director, David Franklin. Now it is in the hands of the CIA to carry out this covert mission with world-altering consequences to completion. To get the job done, they are aided by a beautiful young woman called Roya and a ragtag team of helpful cohorts.

Author John Sager wrote Tehran Revisited as a fictional memoir that is inspired by his dream of returning to Tehran, where he served as part of the CIA in the 1950s. This book revisits the country as well as some of the intricacies of his work in the CIA's Tehran station. What sets this book apart is that Sager's real-life experiences lend to the nuances of the work represented in the book. It informs the readers of what is entailed in operations of international proportions and consequences. Perhaps, it is through works of fiction that we, civilians, can easily digest the complexities of this topic.

Tehran Revisited is an adrenaline-inducing read, especially for fans of political fiction. It has the range of examining both individual motives as well as global consequences. Think of it as a James Bond film but more realistic. 

"The author knows wherof he writes! By my count this author has published sixteen titles over the past eight years. He served in Tehran for the CIA for five years."
— Amazon Reader's Review

Tehran Revisited by John Sager

270 Pages

ISBN 9781480873698

He is an 84-year-old widower who served with the CIA's Clandestine Service for more than 50 years. He has written a book about that experience: "Uncovered, My Half-Century with the CIA. His other book, also available from Amazon, is "A Tiffany Monday - An Unusual Love Story." That book is a collection of emails that he shared, in 2005, with the love of his life. He and his wife were then married for five incredibly happy years before cancer and dementia took her life. Since then, he has moved from her Mercer Island home to the Covenant Shores retirement community, also on Mercer Island. His latest venture is a novel published by Create Space (an Amazon company). Its title: Night Flight. He has been 'out there' for some time. John Sager has now written a sequel, 'Operation Nighthawk, ' which became available in late May 2014.