Book Buzz: Splash: I Love Being a Raindrop! by Rebecca Kidd & Juliebelle Ash

Rebecca Kidd and Julie Belle Ash’s Splash: I Love Being a Raindrop is an endearing picture book about courage, self-esteem, and scientific concepts. It follows Splash, an adorable little raindrop, who is eager for his Earth adventures to begin. 

Splash lives way up in the heavens, where the sun shines, and the stars gather to sparkle at night. He has cute little friends: Drip, Drop, and Spray. Together, they love to play hide and seek and burst out of thunderclouds. Other times, they practice how to fall as softly as gentle spring rain. Splash thoroughly enjoys playing with his friends, but at the same time, he can’t wait for his Earth journey to begin. 

When his teacher finally announces his mission, Splash gets very excited. He knows it will be a lot of fun. However, he also begins to worry that his mission is too big for a small fellow like him. He is quite aware that, once he leaves the heavens, there will be no turning back. He will be a raindrop, falling all the way to Earth to fulfill his mission. What if he fails to bring water to Earth? 

From this delightful story, authors Rebecca Kidd and Julie Belle Ash teach young readers from different age groups that everyone, big or small and young or old, has the power to affect change in the world. Every effort counts, and everyone can make a difference. The smallest raindrop can cause a beautiful ripple, and when every small raindrop comes together, their effect can indeed be powerful.

If that isn’t enough to introduce Splash: I Love Being a Raindrop to kids—and yes, even to adults—the science discussed in the story is a clever incentive. It highlights the importance of water to our environment and to our lives and talks about the water cycle.

Illustrator Irina Bulgaru uses vibrant colors to bring the story to life. Her illustrations are big and bold and are sure to be enjoyed by little minds. Overall, this is an excellent story for kids and adults. A great staple in homes and classrooms.

"This beautifully illustrated book was an excellent read for me to share with my grandchildren. It has a powerful positive message about how we all may be small but special and can make a difference in the world."
Joni Hodgson, Amazon Reader's Review

Splash: I Love Being a Raindrop! by Rebecca Kidd & Juliebelle Ash

38 Pages

ISBN 9781504371858

We illumine heart and mind with the magic and wonder of the Universe through joyful, uplifting stories that honor All." Rebecca is a Healing Touch Practitioner and an ordained minister in the Lively Stones Fellowship. She's a mother and grandmother who loves to laugh and play. She has participated in and facilitated many Team Building and Communication training. She delights in others discovering their greatness. She wrote and published Dear WomenFriends, a powerful pocketbook of wisdom. She believes in honor and respect for our earth and all of nature, which led to the inspiration for this story. JulieBelle has a Master's in Education, and from many years of teaching and parenting, she knows that every child brings a special gift to the world. Through inspiring literature, it is her joy and honor to help children enliven these gifts! Her published articles, workshops, camps, classes, and sessions all focus upon empowering and uplifting the Spirit. She loves capturing nature's magic through the lens of her Salida, Colorado home.