Book Buzz: Spirituality in the 21St Century by Frank P. Daversa

Where do I begin to tell a story of how great love can be? These first few lines are excerpts from Paramount Picture’s popular movie theme song, “Love Story.” Although this song conveys the depth of the songwriter’s devotion to his ladylove, this simple reference captures the general tenor of Spirituality in the 21st Century.

Similarly, author Frank Daversa was deeply moved by the God Almighty that he wrote Spirituality in the 21st Century with a passionate missionto share the effects of being spiritual and how he achieved this despite his chaotic 'default path.' Surprisingly, despite being born as a Catholic, his spiritual journey was exquisitely conveyed without the fanatical concept of being righteous. The 'principles on spiritual enlightenment' outlines an equilibrium of spiritual theories based on various religions, making this book a 'must-have' regardless of religious affinity.

Frank Daversa said that this book is “... designed to make you think honestly about your life and the role spirituality plays in it.

As the author had a lot of excellent scholarly references that further validate his stance on spirituality, life, and the world, one can’t help but be inspired and be headstrong in facing the obstacles to spiritual living and rising above our default paths.

This book and the stories behind each realization makes the reader’s journey towards spiritual growth and inner peace worth trying. Spirituality in the 21st Century also highlights the importance of a strong support system and the impact of family guidance in finding the true meaning of life.

Daversa’s approach is enriching, allowing one to contemplate without getting the impression of being lectured. There is no teacher-student feeling. Instead, as one progresses into the book, one can intuitively feel a father guiding his child’s first steps towards spiritual fulfillment and a friend coaxing, in his own unique way, to follow the 'five C’s towards finding lifelong love.'

Anyone yearning for direction and self-acceptance will find Daversa’s way of ‘nondenominational’ writing a haven for take-home insights.

Frank P. Daversa offers a contemporary view on spirituality, without labels and restrictions, for our highly reactive world which will help us find that deeper meaning to the life we long for. If you are on a spiritual path, then this book is a must for your shelf.
―Susan Schmidt, Amazon Reader's Review

Spirituality in the 21St Century by Frank P. Daversa

134 Pages

ISBN 9781950580026

Frank P. Daversa was raised in South Hempstead, NY. It was during his college years that he honed his writing skills. He earned his A.A.S. degree in 1981 with honors. Two years after earning his B.S. degree in 1986, Frank moved to Houston, TX. He worked 14 years in the corporate world before becoming a writer in 2007. He published his first web article on spirituality in 2008, and his first book, "Young Adolf" in 2011. He published his second book, "Politics in America" in 2012. Frank has been on a spiritual journey since contracting a severe illness in 1997, which inspired him to write his latest book, "Spirituality in the 21st Century."