Book Buzz: Spiritual Lessons from the Body by Armand Weller


As a species, we are arguably the most curious and conscious of our own bodies. Doctors, scientists, and laypeople have marveled about the shape, form, and function of the human body. Each part corresponds to a function and a story. Even our outward appearance reveals so much about who we are and where we come from. The way our bodies develop in conjunction with our mind and spirit is nothing short of a miracle.

As one psalmist wrote, we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." We are created in His image and likeness. This is what makes the human body the most glorious "word pictures," carrying a message from God that transcends language and can be understood by anyone no matter the background.

In Armand L. Weller's Spiritual Lessons from the Body: A Biblical Survey of the Eyes, the Ears, the Tongue, the Hands, the Feet, the Heart, and the Mind, he explores the way God has designed and constructed the human body. He also dissects the many lessons that can be gleaned from this intricate teaching tool that we have been gifted.

As God had moved the writers of the Bible to turn towards the human body for inspiration, Weller studies the human body and explores the life and spiritual lessons embedded in our being. To learn about God's mind, heart, and will, we only need to look into ourselves. He generously reveals Himself to us through us.

Spiritual Lessons from the Body is a thought-provoking lesson about God's purpose for us, as told by how we are made. This book is a new lens to look at the fundamental truths about our maker, our relationship with Him, and His working in our lives.

This book is for those who are seeking a source of insight about themselves, their design, and their purpose through God's teaching tool and a love letter to humankind, our body.

It is a fantastic book! He is a great writer! I have been reading his work since I joined the church where he was pastor. I will read anything he writes!
― Jo Ann Ralph, Amazon Reader's Review

Spiritual Lessons from the Body by Armand Weller

288 Pages

ISBN 9781491788424

Dr. Armand L. Weller was a pastor, an author, a composer, and a teacher for more than fifty years. He mentored pastors across the country during his career and served as the executive director of two national renewal groups. He is retired and lives with his wife, Barbara, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.