Book Buzz: Sister Friends: Why Women Don't, But Should Get Along by Cheryl E. Williams

Women, one of the most nurturing creatures God has made. It is their very nature to care for others. It is in their design, their anatomy. They are equipped to become mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, mentors, and friends. However, many women engage in behaviors, whether they are aware of it or not, that are hurtful to other women. Because it is not how they were designed, these behaviors eventually become injurious to themselves.

In her book, Sister Friends: Why Women Don't, But Should Get Along, author Cheryl E. Williams, takes a closer look at these behaviors that are damaging to sister relationships. She guides the readers in identifying these behaviors, exploring the source, and rediscovering God's will for healthy and uplifting relationships between women.

For Williams, it is important to check yourself. Whether you are aware of them or not, it is necessary to identify if these behaviors are present in your interactions. Acknowledging them, although a difficult step, is a necessary one.

In Sister Friends, Williams also guides women to explore why there is a lack of understanding, respect, consideration, empathy, and understanding between sister friends. Women go through so many similar experiences, from the burdensome to the triumphant. Differences in race, ethnicity, weight, or social status should not be a hindrance to supporting each other. The similarity in experiences, problems, disappointments, and joys should be why women must uplift and pray for one another.

Sister Friends is written for women as a prompt to take a closer look at relationships within each other and ask the question - What kind of sister-friend are you? It is also an invitation to discover how to build relationships according to God's will. This book is for women of all ages and backgrounds and a call to use the nurturing hearts and the caring nature that they are blessed with to build each other up.

Sister Friends: Why Women Don't, But Should Get Along by Cheryl E. Williams

96 Pages

ISBN 9781420827743

Cheryl E. Williams was raised in Newark, New Jersey, and has been a resident of Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, for the last fifteen years. She is close to successfully completing the most important accomplishment in her life, raising her son as a single mom, and seeing him through his college education. She has been a very committed congregant of the same church family, Roseville Presbyterian Church, Newark, New Jersey, for over thirty years.

Her faith has now led her to complete her 1st book on sister friend relationships and true friendships, which she feels very strongly about and chooses to put into words.

“Never cheat yourself of possible friendships, for they sometimes shape the course of your life.”