Book Buzz: Shazam! the Formula for Getting What You Really, Really, Really Want! by Dr. Scout C Lee


What is it that you really, really, really want? Is it money, success, or your dream body? A lot of people want those things. So, this is where the three really's come in. It prompts you to confront the true desires of your heart. It is a question that necessitates guts, heart, self-love, and a level of honesty that can be scary. And, when you know what your dream is, what if there is a formula to get it?

According to Dr. Scout C Lee, there is one, and that formula is ABCDE+L#+W2(+/-X)=PMA. It may seem like a complicated formula, but she actually believes in the power of simplicity. In her book, Shazam! the Formula for Getting What You Really, Really, Really Want!: When All Seems Lost, It Ain't!, she lays out what this formula means in plain and simple terms. Throughout her book, Dr. Lee explains each element beginning with the first chapter for "A" which means "Ask." Each chapter is full of fun, powerful, and simple ways of overcoming the obstacles that are stopping you from achieving your real purpose. 

Overcoming the most difficult obstacles and bringing one's most cherished dreams to life is a serious business, but Dr. Lee writes about it with so much wit and candor. She shares her own experiences, from the humorous to the horrible, with her readers. Shazam! will make the readers laugh while often stumbling into many "Aha!" moments throughout the book.

Author, Dr. Lee, is a speaker, author, story-teller, leadership and team development coach, songwriter, singer, musician, artist, and so much more. Many call her the "Cheerleader for the 21st Century" because of her achievements as a modern model for "Living Your Dreams". She is also a survivor of many of life's challenges, and she writes from a place of experience and understanding. 

"Dr. Scout Cloud Lee lays out a formula that is a process to help us navigate a path to improve the quality of our lives by looking at our inner self, being honest about what we see, and being willing to change.
Jerome Randall, Amazon Reader's Review

Shazam! the Formula for Getting What You Really, Really, Really Want!: When All Seems Lost, It Ain’T! by Dr. Scout C Lee

132 Pages

ISBN 9781982227166

Dr. Scout Cloud Lee, Cheerleader for the 21st Century If you like Will Rogers, you'll love Scout! When a director of the Smithsonian Institute met Scout on the set of STAR TREK: The New Generation, he exclaimed, ..."Young Lady, I would cast your image in bronze and stand it in the Smithsonian to represent 'The Spirit of the Pioneering Woman in America today!" Dr. Scout Cloud Lee is a master of "LIVING YOUR DREAMS". She is a breathtakingly, inspirational, motivational entertainer...a type of "Moti-Edu-Tainer". She is a speaker, author, story-teller par excellent, corporate executive and corporate leadership and team development coach, song-writer, singer, musician, and artist...and she has a story to tell. Scout is a CHEERLEADER FOR THE 21st CENTURY and a Master of Celebration and stunning feminine model of "LIVING YOUR DREAMS". Living into the meaning of her name, in all settings she is known as a trailblazer, forerunner, pathfinder and innovator as she dares to step through perceived horizons with dynamism and vigor. Scout's accomplishments are extensive. With degrees in theology, counseling, and education, her professional experience includes 40 plus years in leadership positions. A former professor at the University of Illinois and Oklahoma State University, Scout has been awarded numerous federal grants for her research in peak performance and human excellence. Scout's FUN! Her motto is simple: DIG DEEP! REACH FAR! BREAK A SWEAT! FINISH STRONG!