Book Buzz: Shadows of the Past by O. L. Brown

What does it take to forgive the mistakes of the past and embrace the promises of the future? Randell Cordell would soon find out as he stepped back into Blackberry, Minnesota—a small town that seemed peaceful and quiet enough but was truly unrelenting in punishing the wrong committed against one of its own even if it was a lifetime ago.

A young and dashing Randell married the beautiful schoolteacher Louise, and their first few years of their marriage was nothing short of bliss. Both Randell and his bride found satisfaction in their own professional and creative pursuits—Randell in his thriving cabinet shop and Louise as a teacher by day and a writer at night. Life was as good as it could get in the sleepy old town, but all that drastically changed the moment Stella Cunningham entered the picture.

Stella was irresistible, and Randell didn’t have it in him to even try to resist her charm. Before everybody knew what was happening, Randell was getting ready to leave poor Louise, who, to make matters worse, had gotten sick with the deadly tuberculosis. Louise died alone in their cabin, dying more from a broken heart than from the disease.

Returning to Blackberry after a stint in prison and long after losing Stella was difficult for Randell, but it was the only way to find the peace of heart, mind, and soul that he desperately wanted and needed in his life. Was he prepared for the townspeople’s reaction to his return? He steeled himself, but something inside him crumbled the moment he saw their cabin once again.

Was Randell truly prepared to receive forgiveness and to forgive himself? How would an innocent orphan girl twist Randell’s story yet again? Would he ever love again—he who wasted the one true love he had ever known?

Shadows of the Past is the sequel to O.L. Brown’s well-received novel Northern Lights. Shadows of the Past is a heartwarming story about redemption and love, with a little unmistakable Christian background. It is sure to make readers ponder the twists and turns of life and entertain them with O.L. Brown’s compelling storytelling. A beautifully written novel—one straight from the heart.

Shadows of the Past by O. L. Brown

220 Pages


Review by Arlene Caplan


O. L. Brown is retired from a career in the oil and gas exploration industry. He lives with his wife, JoAnn, in Mesa, Arizona during the winter, and in Highlands Ranch, Colorado during the summer months. He refers to his books as "Happy Books". They are written with a mild Christian theme to leave the reader pondering the vagaries of life and feeling happy and satisfied.