Book Buzz: Santa's Surprise by Nicholas Maselli

"Best new children's Christmas book I have ever read! Very cool that an 8 year old actually wrote this!" John G.

Every year, Santa brings gifts to children all over the world with the help of Mrs. Santa, his elves, and reindeers. At his workshop, they work tirelessly to make sure everything is ready for Santa's long journey. But, what if one year, one of Santa's faithful reindeers get the flu? Will they be able to make the journey to bring smiles to good girls and boys all over the world?

A unique Christmas story about Santa and his helpers is brought to readers everywhere in Nicholas Maselli's Santa’s Surprise. It is a Christmas story like no other. Perhaps, one of the surprises readers will learn about this book is that it is written and illustrated by an eight-year-old. Readers are invited to explore the story of Santa and Christmas, as told by the beautiful and creative mind of an eight-year-old boy. Santa's Surprise is proof that when a child's imagination and creativity is encouraged, it brings forth a one of a kind point of view.

Santa's Surprise is written for children, young and old alike. Throughout its pages, children will encounter characters that are familiar to everyone, such as Santa and Mrs. Santa. They will also get to know new friends such as an elf called Wilbur and reindeers Dasher and Dancer. All of them are wonderfully illustrated to make the story more colorful and guide the imaginations of children wherever in the world they may be.

Santa and his helpers are brought to life in this book to entertain children, teach valuable lessons along the way, and become a new holiday tradition. 

"What an amazing and special book! My kids absolutely love it! It really encompasses the holiday spirit and will definitely become a bedtime tradition around the holidays!"
Danielle M, Amazon Reader's Review

Santa's Surprise by Nicholas Maselli

24 Pages

ISBN 9781543462586

The Book is a Christmas Story about Christmas Eve and the journey that Santa has when his reindeer catch the reindeer flu. Join us as we explore the beautiful mind of an 8-year old boy wanting to share his imagination and talent in storytelling. Learn how an innocent mind creates an outlet for good values – a good read for kids!