Book Buzz: Poetry & Pantylines! by S. Randolph

If you are looking for a poetry book that talks about sunsets disappearing into the ocean or butterflies floating by, this is not the book for you. But if you are into poetry that is frank, free, and funny, a bunch of them are waiting for you in Poetry & Pantylines

Poetry & Pantylines by S. Randolph Mitchell is a collection of poems about US Pop Culture and history. It recalls and reminisces major pop culture and historical events and personalities in a tongue-in-cheek manner, which is the author's signature throughout the book. From the title to the front and back cover, Mitchell injects his original comedy and veracity into his illustrations and poems. The result is an artistic endeavor that you cannot find anywhere else.

Mitchell covers events and people spanning from the '50s to the 2000s. In his poetry, he talks about the Korean War, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Obama, and Lady Gaga. If it has impacted the United States of America and the world in recent decades, you will probably read about it here. It is a journal of the key events that happened in the world, as well as a social commentary.

This is not the poetry book for the easily offended. Mitchell's poem The Mary Worshippers, satirizes the early members of the Catholic Church, mentions orgies, bathing in a fountain of blood, and manages to nicely wrap it in his own brand of humor. Perhaps an easy favorite is a poem called Big Bottom Girlz, the author's personal ode to women with glorious bottoms.

If you are the type of reader looking for artwork and poetry that marries truth and humor, Poetry and Pantylines will not disappoint you. These poems are to be taken with a grain of salt and consumed with a lot of laughs.

" Loved Poetry and Pantylines. It helped me to remember events and feelings I shouldn’t have forgotten. Mindbending.... Rhythmic...smiles...and sadness. "
Raymond Markel, Amazon Reader's Review

Poetry & Pantylines!

76 Pages

ISBN 9781796069266