Book Buzz: Passed with Flying Colors by Cindy Kinjo

"Powerful and moving." Jeffrey Wells

Inspired by the many people who have asked how she became a healer, author  Cindy Kinjo-Hardart, tells a very personal story in her book Passed with Flying Colors. Her story, one that she was not able to speak about for ten years, is about her path to spiritual awareness and enlightenment. 

Hers was not an easy path. She describes it as the scariest and most terrifying experience of all. It takes a particular type of person to experience trying circumstances and comes out of it with gifts and miracles. This is Kinjo-Hardart's story.

According to Kinjo-Hardart, there are two ways that readers can read this book. The first one is to learn about the journey that led her to become a healer. It was not an easy journey. It involved many tests in all aspects of her life - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This journey began at a very young age when she had a paranormal encounter as a five-year-old girl. These encounters continued on to her teenage years and well into her adulthood. Her experiences opened her eyes to different dimensions and allowed her to see beyond the superficial. These experiences have brought about many miracles in her life and the gift of healing that she is able to share with others.

However, the experiences and tests that she has gone through were not easy. She was continually being tested by her guides. She endured these tests and "passed with flying colors." At the end of it all, she was rewarded with her gifts.

The second way to read this book is as a science fiction or a paranormal movie. Her gifts may be unique, but the experiences leading up to them were otherworldly. Kinjo-Hardart is aware that her story may be difficult to believe for some. From her perspective, what she has gone through is shocking and confounding.

Whichever way the reader may choose to read this book, an open heart is required to enjoy and learn from it.

"Great read. The words reminded me that truth is often outside of our understanding. Thank you for showing us that faith, inspiration and trust are the keys to a magical life."
Sharon Bailie, Amazon Reader's Review

Passed with Flying Colors by Cindy Kinjo

156 Pages

ISBN 9781490791586

Cindy Kinjo-Hardart was born and raised in Okinawa, Japan, and moved to the U.S. at 24 years of age. She has two sons and a grandson. She has been married for 31 years. They also lived in Bermuda for 22 years and currently reside in Orlando, Florida. Kinjo-Hardart is a competitive golfer, a world traveler, and a messenger from the spiritual dimension. People are drawn to her when they need spiritual advice and/or healing, and she believes it is the work through God to help all go through this transformation and reality in life.