Book Buzz: Murder in the Shores: Six Hands by Susanne Sir

Miami "Georgi Girl" meets organized crime is Susanne Sir's latest book, Murder in the Shores: Six Hands. The result is a story steeped with intrigue, humor, romance, and death-defying adventures.  Murder in the Shores: Six Hands open with Inga, a Miami stewardess whose stunning looks are only rivaled by her insatiable curiosity. It is this very curiosity that has entangled her with international criminals. When she runs up against a highly trained team of robbers from Italy who are ransacking the community, they soon find that Inga is not one to quickly back down. Now, Inga must not only need to keep herself safe from these professional criminals, but she is also determined to put a stop to the thieving, once and for all. To help her fight crime, she calls on her friends, an odd group of equally curious folks that no one would guess could work together. There is Nils, a petting farm owner. Angelina, a polarizing character that could be an angel or a witch, depending on the day or who is in her way. Barbara, a four-year-old with autism who has so much heart packed in such a tiny person. Mama Rosa, thrust into this crime-fighting gang when she discovers a murder at the Pointe Condo Building. Finally, there is Broomski, a flying broom who is always at Inga's rescue on her conquests. However unlikely, this team is determined to give all they can to stop crime and support each other. Will they succeed? Murder in the Shores is an intriguing read for lovers of true crime and fans of mystery novels. The writing is fast-paced and quick-witted that readers will come to know the characters through the plot and dialogue. It also has a romantic angle, giving the story a nice balance of crime, passion, heart, and humor.

Murder in the Shores: Six Hands by Susanne Sir

156 Pages

ISBN 9781480863910

Susanne Sir enjoys writing the Georgi Girl series and gathers a lot of her creative information while out power walking. Previous Georgi Girl books include The Fortune Cookie and We Clean Up. Her research equipment includes binoculars and a camera. Beware! She could be watching you. She lives in Naples and Miami Shores, Florida, with her husband and adorable pets.