Book Buzz: Mrs. Katz Was Troubled by Bob McElheney

If someone you love seemed troubled, what are the clues that will make you notice? And, what should you do to figure it out and help them? This is what Mrs. Katz's cats will try to answer in Bob McElheney's colorful book, Mrs. Katz Was Troubled. Meet Gumshoe, Bogart, Jellyroll, Jitterbug, Dizzy, Mrs. Purr, and all of Mrs. Katz, many adorable furry friends. Join them as they try to find out what is troubling their beloved Mrs. Katz.

Mrs. Katz is a sweet older woman who lives with her many cats. One day, as she was staring out the window, one of the cats noticed that something seemed to be bothering her. So the cats tried to figure out what is troubling Mrs. Katz. Is she hungry? Is she daydreaming about being on a charming tropical island somewhere? Is she just staring at her beautiful reflection? Does she think about the weather?

Mrs. Katz Was Troubled is a vibrant book for children of all ages and curious adults as well. This book is perfect for reading aloud with the little ones as they also take their guesses at Mrs. Katz's cause for worry.

This book is a fantastic tool for parents and teachers to read to children at home or in school. It will help them learn about caring for others and being attentive to their surroundings, which is an essential lesson for young children to learn. This book, with its beautiful illustrations and endearing characters, will help teach this valuable lesson.

As her wonderful cats solve the mystery of what is on Mrs. Katz's mind, the readers are welcome to make their guesses at each turn of the page. It is a great training tool for children to spark their imaginations and encourage creativity. It is also a fun activity for kids of all age groups.

"Excellent story for kids and parents. Great characters and plot!"
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Mrs. Katz Was Troubled by Bob McElheney

54 Pages

ISBN 9781796023862