Book Buzz: Mentoring the Future by Osbourne Murray

Humans are born to be mentored. From the very early stages of life, humans become dependent on their carers for survival. As a child grows, they need others to teach them to be independent. Then, as an adult, successful people establish an interdependence with others. This means that we go through life, needing a mentor, and eventually serve as one to another human being. So, how do we identify a mentor, and where do we search for them?

Osbourne Murray, in his book, Mentoring the Future, speaks about the characteristics of a mentor, where to find them, and why they are important to everyone's life. He illustrates why mentoring is critical to everyone's success and a powerful tool for social transformation.

The most successful individuals have mentors. Three of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg, have benefited from being mentors. Even those that claim to be "self-made" have had role models and mentors at various points in their lives. Mentorship is essential for success and does not only stop at the workplace. Mentoring is critical to everyone's success at home, in school, in church, in the community, and in society.

Even with the abundance of self-help material, seminars, and workshops, there is no substitute for mentoring in motivating and inspiring individuals or organizations. Mentors don't only tell you what to do; they show how it is done and emphasizes that it can be done. Murray underlines the concept of mentorship as he writes, "Things are caught not taught."

Murray, a Christian pastor, coaching specialist and manager, mentor, motivational speaker, and author, attributes his success to the mentors who have invested in him. He believes that the best investment is in people, and through his book, he aims to encourage his readers, through mentorship, to enhance their lives and help shape the future.

Mentoring the Future by Osbourne Murray

140 Pages

ISBN 9781546257431

Osbourne Murray is a Christian pastor, coaching specialist and manager, mentor, motivational speaker, and author. He is the founder and president of Mt. Horeb Sanctuary Praise Ministries, founder, and CEO of Osandra Cake and Pastry Deli and founder and CEO of Career Development, Promotions, and Resource Center (CDPRC). As a Christian pastor and business leader in his community, Osbourne Murray challenges individuals to achieve excellence in their endeavors. With extensive experience in Christian Ministry and with tremendous success in sales, Osbourne is passionate about mentoring because of the significant role it has played in his life and careers. Osbourne believes mentoring is critical to accelerate the learning curve and that everyone needs a mentor to serve as a guide and inspiration. Osbourne attributes his success to the many role models and mentors who invested in him, inspiring him to believe he could be anything he wanted to be. Mentors are the greatest assets to those who are serious about excelling in their professions and in any other aspect of their lives. To neglect the wisdom and knowledge of those who came before and successfully did what you are aspiring to do is counterproductive. The insights and lessons learned from those encounters and individuals, and he now shares with you, his readers. Osbourne Murray possesses the ability to inspire and motivate people to move to the next level and fulfill their God-given potential. He is certain to both inspire and challenge you.