Book Buzz: Me and My Baby Sister by Icey Shaikh

A fun, thoughtful book that young readers can interact with is Icey Shaikh's Me and My Baby Sister. This is the story of a young child experiencing the joys and responsibilities of becoming an older sibling.

As the family welcomes a newborn child, the older sister helps by spending time with her new baby sister. She plays with her little sister to bond with her and stays out of their mom's way while she is busy with her chores. Welcoming a new member of the family is an important experience for young children. It makes a significant impact on their relationships with themselves and others. Me and My Baby is a book that can help make this new experience a positive one.

In this beautifully illustrated book, Shaikh shows the joys of getting to know a new sibling. The delightful illustrations are done well in a style that seems familiar and inspires creativity in your children. Aside from enjoying the story, many young creatives will surely be inspired to make their own artwork about their family and early experiences.

Me and My Baby Sister also include a fill in the blanks trivia at the end. This makes for an interactive experience that parents and teachers can share with young children. It helps them become a part of the story and practice their reading comprehension, even at an early age.

Author, Icey Shaikh, a mother of 5 and grandmother to 12 children, has crafted this book to be enjoyed by children of all ages. She loves to read to children, and in Me and My Baby Sister, she lends her voice to a young child's imagination.

Me and My Baby Sister is not only a fun and interactive book. It also has a lot of heart and teaches the importance of becoming a loving sibling and a helpful child.

Me and My Baby Sister by Icey Shaikh

26 Pages

ISBN 978-1735151403

I am a student at FTCC in Fayetteville, NC, majoring in Early Childhood Education. I am also a wife and mother of 5 beautiful children; Keith, Kevin, Elijah, Khadijah, and Khaleeta. My future goals include writing more books, which I hope you will enjoy and teaching preschool or elementary children ages 0 to 8 and become an advocate for children all over the world. I published my book in English, Spanish, and Arabic because I want children to see themselves as they are and not as others would have them to be. I highly respect all cultures and all languages and hope to include other languages in my writings in the future. Thank you for allowing me to share this part of my journey with you.