Book Buzz: Making Tracks for Jesus by P. A. Cooks

Awaken your God-given potential in Dr. Paul Cooks' compilation of poems and short stories, Making Tracks for Jesus. Many of Cooks' work speak on the life of a Christian, including the challenges and triumphs of following Christ. Believers who are young or mature in their faith all need encouragement, inspiration, and uplifting in the challenging yet uplifting walk with Jesus.

The poem bearing the same title, "Making Tracks for Jesus" uses the imagery of footprints to represent how a person lives. Who we are, what we believe in, and what we value are shown through the things we do and how we choose to spend our time. This poem is an encouragement to the believers that although making tracks for Jesus means that one has to walk and work very hard, we must keep our eyes on Him because only He can carry our load.

In "Preachers are People Too," Cooks shares about the side of the preacher's life that not many people see. We look to preachers to be God's messengers, to comfort us, and to teach us. They are all these things, but most of the time, we forget that they are humans with human struggles. This poem is a reminder that even those who are very strong in their faith have days that they might feel down, tempted, or even depressed. They have their own failings like everybody else, so if they come overcome by God's grace, so can we once we keep our eyes on Jesus.

This book is written for leaders of the church as well as followers who want to be inspired in their work in God's kingdom. The messages within this book are shared to awaken and re-ignite a fresh fire even to those who have been frustrated by their dreams, ideas, and visions. Making Tracks for Jesus is an invitation for believers, young and old, to find a new joy in doing God's work here on earth.

Making Tracks for Jesus by P. A. Cooks

112 Pages

ISBN 9781434362544

Paul Cooks is a teacher, speaker, lecturer, and evangelist and has served  as an advisor, to members of his church where he served as a Deacon in Las Vegas, Nevada. His power to deliver the inspirational thoughts in his book, Making Tracks for Jesus, comes from some great reservoirs of  spiritual life or else it could not be so pertinent to our daily walks with Christ in our lives, but the majesty and beauty of the language with which he has clothed the messages contained within the words used were all his own. All of the writings have been presented by him in one way or another to inspire, heal and to meet a special need. Paul, a black baby boy was born in June, an eight pound bouncing boy, and not too soon to parents of Lonnie and Hazel Palmer Cooks. From his mom, he gets most of his good looks. He grew up in Shreveport, a Louisiana town; where he went to Stoner Hill Elementary with a frown. He made it to J.S. Clark Junior High and went from there to Valencia High, now known as Caddo Magnet where he finished. He was president of the student council and school treasurer; he graduated number three at the top of his class you see. Then on to Grambling State University, there he went so bold, striving hard to make it good was his educational goal. He makes an impression on everyone he  meets. He wanted more education, to help others he thought! So on to Louisiana University in Monroe; and nothing but education he sought.  He got his Masters Degree, a dream come true!