Book Buzz: Love Songs by Karl Hicken

From the author who brought his readers, Journeys, a collection of poems about his coming of age from boy to man, is another heartfelt and soul-baring collection of work, Love Songs. In this book, readers are taken on a different journey, one that is in the perilous yet heartening road that is of a heart in love. 

Love Songs is both an honest declaration and plea for love. In this collection is a man reminiscing about a past love, longing in the present, and pleading for the future. It is work dedicated to the person that he loves and celebrating her persona.

In each work, Hicken bares his emotions, describes his thoughts in vivid detail, and brings the readers a glimpse into that sacred space that lovers share.

In Love You More, Hicken writes about the comfort and excitement found only a person in love can find in their lover's sigh. In love, even the faintest memory, a kiss, or a teardrop has the power to evoke a fire in you, at times, even more than what lies before you in the present reality. This work reminds us that to love is to truly live.

His work titled "You" comes from someone who wants to surround himself in everything about his lover. It is love that is all-consuming but wanting to be filled some more. He talks of a love that is transformative only to have the ability to love more. It is an ode to someone who is his universe and him wanting to be engulfed in that universe.

Each work in this collection is written for Deb, his soulmate. It is also written for his own soul, an attempt to quiet his heart to no avail. Each poem can read separately or can be stitched together to witness a love story unfold in poetry.

Love Songs by Karl Hicken

94 Pages

ISBN 9781524692179