Book Buzz: Love Interrupted: A Seeker's Discovery of the Afterlife by Michele Matto

What happens when our physical life ends? When our loved ones or we pass away, are we gone forever?

Death is an inescapable part of life. It has always been this way. However, navigating the afterlife often comes with a mountain of questions. For author Michele Matto, these perplexing questions came following the sudden and unexpected death of her soul mate, Jenny.

Jenny was an important part of her life, and as her discovery has proven, indelible. Jenny's sudden passing left Matto in search of answers. It led her to a journey with mediums and her own experiences that opened her life to the knowledge that the loved ones who passed away, did not simply disappear into the ether, they are present and following along in our lives.

In her book, Love Interrupted: A Seeker's Discovery of the Afterlife, she recounts her life with Jenny and taking the journey that was before her after her passing. She also discusses finding her soulmate is and discovering what that truly means. It is far from what is fed to us in the movies. Instead, according to Matto, a soulmate is "The person in whose presence, and in relationship with whom, each person is somehow propelled toward their own deeper spiritual growth toward wholeness."

" I have always been curious about the topic and this book just confirmed what I have wanted to believe all my life. This is an informative book and Michele's story is compelling. It certainly warmed my heart and helps me sleep better at night thinking that my loved ones are still around. Thank you for sharing your story with us! "
—EdwardMD,Amazon Readers Review

" This book is a gift of discovery for those you love and someday will leave behind. I appreciated the way the Author clarified and presented her experiences in a manner we all can follow, understand and appreciate. She provides numerous examples that cannot be disputed or confused with wishful expectations. This information is enlightening and extremely comforting especially if you have lost special loved ones. Buy it; read it and be sure those you love have a copy too. "
— Pink Flamingo, Amazon Readers Review

This book is written as a type of "Understanding the Afterlife for Dummies" so that others may also find the answers that they have been searching for about the afterlife with more clarity.

Love Interrupted: A Seeker's Discovery of the Afterlife

by Michele Matto

ISBN 978-1982231392

72 Pages

Published July 24, 2019

From the author

I have been interested in authentic spirituality for decades and in retirement have continued to pursue and understand what that exactly is as we grow and age. This present book, Love Interrupted, is the logical outcome of my search for what happens at the end of this physical life - not just for me, but for all of us. Through sharing my two-year experience with legitimate and certified mediums, I include photos from my interviews that reveal our loved ones are still with us after they "cross over" and they are following along in our daily lives just as if here in physical form. It has been an eye opening and growth producing journey. I am happy to share it with the readers who share my quest for understanding of the Afterlife.